Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


26. December 26th








(To my friends. Thanks for being there, thank you for the kindness you show me, and thank you for caring. You pull me out of the terrible dark)



I look at William at amazement. My sight gets red, and put my hand to my head where it hurts.

When I look at my hand, it's red with blood. I feel the darkness surrounding me, and I fight to keep my eyes open. I'm about to close my eyes, when I see William looking over at me and panicking.

He runs gracefully over to me, and shakes my shoulder. "Annabelle! Annabelle! Don't fall asleep! Please! Stay with me" He shouts in desperation. I laugh, and cough, as blood comes out my mouth.

"It was a good fight. Wasn't it? Am I going to be married to Santa now?" I joke, and cough out more blood. William grabs me under the knees and under my head.

"Somebody!" He yells. I laugh and close my eyes.


The blinding light is coming closer.. I feel myself being pulled out of the dream. I look at William.

"Annabelle.. Annabelle" He whispers into my ear. I can feel some kind of speed.

I laugh, and I feel a needle being pulled into my arm, and I see stars.

"Annabelle. Please stay with me. I will do anything.. Just stay" He whispers.

I choke up more blood, and half laugh, half cough. "That's a big thing to ask of me Will." I joke, as I fall back into the dream.

I feel myself being pulled closer and closer towards the light. It's blinding, and I wan't to cover my eyes, but I can't. I hear Williams voice.



Annabelle. Please stay with me. I will do anything.. Just stay..

No.. The light is warm.. I'm cold..

I move towards the light, and Williams voice sounds again. Desperate.


Annabelle. Please stay with me. I will do anything.. Just stay..

I fight against the light. I don't want to go toward it. The light disappears and I sigh in relief.

I open my eyes, and I'm almost blinded by the light. No! Is it to late?

I look around, and I see shapes. My chair.. A table.. A lamp.. A door.

As the things start to get detailed, someone grabs my hand. I freeze and yank my hand free. I look to the side, and see my mom. She looks worried. "Honey?" She says.

I shake my head, and my head hurts. I wrestle to get up, and I start to scream.

My mom looks at me worried. She yells something, and I feel something being pulled into my arm.

I feel the darkness again, and my mom disappears.


It's okay.

When I pull myself out of the darkness, I see Noah.. His brown hair messy. Dark shadows under his eyes. His eyes are looking at me. Worried. He's about to say something, but it's to much. I close my eyes, and the darkness surrounds me again.


When I wake up from the terrible nightmares, I see William looking at me.

He doesn't look at me worried, but filled with happiness. He takes my hand, and I feel the warmth, and I want to touch his face. He smiles. "I am so happy to see you" He says and squeezes my hand.

"Was it all just a nightmare I've finally woken up from?" I ask. William shakes his head no. "I am sorry you had to go through all of that" he says.


I look at my legs. "Am I still paralyzed in the legs?" I ask.

William nods. I sigh. "The hologram.. Will" I hesitate.

"I know..The challenge was for you to defeat the person you care about the most" He says almost proudly. I sigh, and I feel myself blushing. "What happened to Caleb and Aimée?" I ask.


William hesitates. "They're engaged. I think Caleb was desperate" William says with a laugh.

I look confused. "But.. Then you would get thrown out of The knight" I protest.

William shakes his head and smiles. "I said no to becoming a knight for real. After all that happened. I have decided that some things are more important than others. That is why. I'm moving back to England. Howard threaten me of course. He said that if I wasn't married by may, he would charge me, and I would probably get killed." William swallows.

I look at him in shock. "What did he?" I say. William shakes his head. "Jamie has also chosen to leave the knights. He will be one of the guys who will be sent to mars in a few months. He said his real passion was science. He got accepted." William says with a little happiness.

"Kevin, Alexander, Conan?" I ask. William smiles. "It's amazing what happened at the fight. I think something made the question their place in life"William says with a smile. "They all quit too. Howard is desperate for new members, but nobody seems to volunteer" William laughs.


I look at him in amazement. "What?" Is all I can say.

"They all said. That what happened to you in the fight, wasn't fair. And they wouldn't agree to support that" He says. "They are moving by the end of the week, before Howard decides to get them killed" William says. "What about Caleb?" I ask.


William shakes his head no. "I tried to talk him out of it, but he wouldn't listen to me.. There's nothing I could do" He says.



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