Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


25. December 25ft (Special edition)

I scream when another hologram shows up . I look for my sword, and see it stuck inside  William.  He pulls it out with a protest. It lands at my feet, and I instantly grab it.


He looks up with confusion. I try to move myself near him, by pulling myself forward with my hands. William sees what I'm doing, walks over to me, and pulls me up. His one hand is on my back, the other one is under my knees. I look up at him, and I feel the cold temperature of his body. He leans down to kiss, me and I feel my heart skip a beat. I see his eyes close, and I stab him in the chest again. This time I pull my sword out, and see William looking confused and disappointed.

He disappears, and I fall down and hit the ground hard. I'm reminded of my broken hand, and I grab it and pull it back. I hear the bones crack back into place, and I scream in pain.


I see the other girl. She's on the ground too. Our eyes meet, and we understand each other, and we almost laugh, but get interrupted. Williams hologram shows up again. He has a knife in his hand this time. He walks over to me. I stick my sword into the ground, and pull myself away, before William slams his knife into the ground where I had just lied. William laughs, and pulls the knife out. He walks over to me, and I roll again, before he slams the knife again.


I laugh as William sighs in frustration. "And I'm paralyzed! William! Over here!" I tease him. William turns. His eyes turn red for a second, before he slams the knife into my leg.

"First blood!" A voice says. I scream at William as he smiles at me.

He sits down next to me, and strokes my hair. I take a deep breath, and pull out the knife in my leg. I get myself up by the elbows, and I lift myself up, and over William. I lie on top of him. The knife close to his throat. He smiles and pulls away the hair that slipped out of my ponytail, behind my ear. My bones shiver by the touch. I close my eyes. When I open them, I put the knife to his throat. He laughs. "How did you know?" He asks. I swallow. "William would never call me biscuit." I answer, close my eyes as I cut his throat. I open my eyes, and he disappears. I fall to the ground, and feel the pain in my chest. I roll over and look at my leg. The blood is running out. I press my hand to the wound, and try to stop the bleeding. My hand gets red with my own blood. I look up, and see the girl with her knife in her hand. Her eyes are crazy, and she kneels down not long from me.


She laughs, and I see her arm is bleeding. "He can't control me no more!"She screams, and looks up into the loft. I push myself up against a wall. The girl looks at me, and smiles. "I'm Carla. By the way" She nods. "I never found out what my name meant.. I guess I'll never find out" She says in a weird way.

I swallow hard. "I know what it means" I say. Carla looks at me in fascination. "Really?" She asks. Impressed. I nod. "Strong" I answer.

Carla sighs with relief. "I thought it would be easy killing you. But after fighting against my own brother.. I feel like you have more knowledge about the fight than I do" She sighs.

I shake my head no. "You were trained to this! I can't even move!" I say.

Carla laughs.. "Well.. Here goes nothing" She says, springs up and pulls up her knife. She springs onto me like a cat, and pulls the knife to my throat. I feel the pain, when the blood starts floating down my throat. "Do it. What do I have to live for anyway?" I say.


Carla screams, grabs me, and throws me through the air into a wall. I scream in pain as I collapse. Carla laughs and evil laugh, and runs over to me. She pulls the knife to my throat. "Any last words?" She asks with a smile. I spit some on the ground and see blood. "I'm dying anyway" I choke. She looks down at my leg, and presses her finger deep into the wound. "You feel that?" She asks with amusement. She pulls the finger up and licks the blood off.


"You're disgusting" I say, and Carla laughs. Her eyes are crazy.

I grab my sword, and cut slice her arm. The shock goes through her for a second. She looks down in confusion, and stands up, and moves to the end of the red room. She slides down next to the wall. She laughs, pulls her hand into the wound on her arm, and pulls of the skin.

I see shinning metal, and I scream. Robot.

Her eyes turn red, and she admires the metal. Her voice sounds expressionless. "You didn't know I was built to this fight?" She says.


She stands up, and moves over to me. "I will kill. I will kill. I will kill!" She screams.

I hear a clicking sound, and a door opens behind her. A figure in a dark coat with his hood up, runs beautifully and fast into the room, pulls out a sword and cuts Carla in half. Carla melts away, and only metal is left.


The guy who killed the robot, takes off his hood, and I sigh when I see Williams face.





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