Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


24. December 24rth (Special edition!)

I wake up , and I slam my head into my chair. I cry and scream, when I realize it was a dream. Will wasn't there. I look around in the cold room I've slept in before the accident. 

It looks the same. I look over to the corner and see the poet sword. But I know that the Will part was a dream. I slam my hand into my chair, that's next to me. I have trouble breathing, as I grab the chair, and pull myself up and into it. I sigh, relieved when I land in the chair. 

Then I realize, it's the fight this day.

I swallow hard, and my stomach tighten.

I drive out the door and call. I know I won't be able to dress myself.

An old woman, with gray hair set in a bun and a white suit, turns up.

Later I'm wearing my black leather kind suit. I have my sword at my hip, and my hair set in a ponytail. A piece of hair falls into my eyes, but I don't want to remove it.

The woman drives me down to the kitchen, where she serves oatmeal, and I have trouble swallowing because of the tightening in my stomach. I thank her, and she drives me over to a gray door. "The journey ends here" She says coldly, and I feel the bones in my arms shiver.

I close my eyes for a short while, before I nod, and drive through the now open door...

A girl appears from a door on the other end of the large room with red walls.

The fighting room. 

Her hair is brown, loose and straight. It looks rough like hay, and her eyes are dark brown, her shoulders big and her whole body huge and manlike. I swallow hard, and I realize again I'm in a wheelchair. We both look up at the sound of Howards voice. 

"The rules are simple. You fight to the death. There will be no mercy. If anyone tries to commit suicide. The weapon you've chosen will be taken away from you. The last one standing is the winner.. You may begin!" He says, and I hear a loud clicking sound.

The doors have been locked. I look at the girl, and I see the fire and passion in her eyes. She was trained to this, and she knows how to do.

I try to put on a facade, so I don't look weak. I know I won't win, but I will fight to the end.

We both hesitate, because we've both seen the other shows. Something has to happen before the fight begins for real.

We both scream when two people shows up from the floor.

They're blue, and invisible. Holograms.

It's the challenge. When we're done with the challenge, we can begin the fight. 

It's something the knights do to put on a show. I look at the other girl, and she looks horrified at the hologram in front of her. 

I focus on the one in front of me, and I cover my mouth not to scream.


I pull out the sword, because I know what to do. Expressionless. 

William looks confused. "What are you doing Annabelle?" He asks.

I swallow, and I feel something lifting me up. My chair falls away, and I see the other girl is flying in the air too. It must be something in our suits that lifts us up. 

I feel myself flying closer to the hologram I'm about to fight.

William laughs, and it feels like a knife in my heart.

He's wearing the shirt from the dream, and he smiles. He pulls it off, and I hesitate.

He laughs. His half naked, his chest bare, so I can see the muscles. He's thin and at the same time, so muscular. I'm amazed and puzzled. Frozen in place. I shake my head no, and move forward in a weird way.

He laughs and puts out a hand. "You really want to kill me? Even if I said I loved you?" He asks. "You think I'm not real.. But I'm real biscuit! You can touch me, and you can kill me" He says with a grin. I close my eyes, as I stab the sword into his chest.

I scream as the hologram disappears, and I land on the ground. I move, and I feel the loud crack of the bone in my right hand crush. The pain is indescribable, and I scream in pain.

I see the girl in front of me, struggling with her knife. 




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