Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


22. December 22nd (Special edition)




When I come home, I feel the anger built up inside of me, as I look towards my fiancé.

Her brown eyes looks tired, and she's got shadows under her eyes. Her hair is tangled, and her clothes are wrinkled. I look at the woman, I don't even know, looking down at the fake ring I gave her. It shines, and is made of gold, but for me it do not feel real.

She looks up, and sighs with relieve to see me. I feel my stomach tighten.

She gives me a fake smile, that you would see in old commercials with a family and a happy wife. I do not smile back, because of my inner feelings.

I get an idea out of the blue air, grab it, and give her a fake smile.

"Aimée love. Have you cooked? It smells lovely in here" I say with my british charming voice, and I feel like throwing up, but I pull myself together, and smile as I pretend to smell something good. I had acting class when I was nine, my mothers request, though she didn't come to any of my shows. Busy working. My dad was like a ghost, somebody I did not see often.

Aimée blushes, and I know my plan has worked. "I've made your favorite dish" She says proudly. Even that is a lie, she doesn't know my favorite food. "Mmm.." I say.

"Well Darling.. That is so sweet of you, but I really am so tired" I say, still british and charming. Aimée smiles an unexpected smile. "O' That's all right. You can go to bed. And when you wake up. You can eat your favorite dinner" She says.

I smile even bigger. "I was wondering. If you would join me?" I ask, and I make myself smile.

Disgusted by what I just said.

Aimée looks horrified, and I feel relieved that my plan is working.

"Right now? But William.. The dinner" She hesitates.

I walk up to her, and give her an intense look, and she blushes. "I believe it can wait.. Will you?" I ask, and fake another smile.

Aimée swallows, and bites her lip. "Okay" She says.

I feel my heart sink in my chest, not with relief, but with confusion.

I'm insecure, as we walk up the stairs. We get to the bedroom, and I'm confident that Aimée won't be able to go through with it. The bed is large and with a blue blanket. I'm used to sleeping here, but Aimée is not. She has been sleeping in the guest room, which has an even bigger bed. I look at her, and she looks at me nervously. I smile confidently and lean to kiss her dry cold lips. She moves back with a surprised look. "William.. Can you look away as I.." She hesitates. I smile a fake smile. "Of course! But you might want to look at me now" I say. Aimée looks at me in confusion, and I grab my shirt and pull it over my head. My muscles tighten and I look down at my muscle pack of a body, and smile to myself. This will work, I convince myself. I look over at Aimée, she looks at my bare chest, with disgust.

I feel like a monster, but I convince myself that this is what I wanted. I smile, and walk over to Aimée, and to her surprise, I grab her around the waist and press her hard against me.

She gasps, and pulls away. " William!" She says under her breath.

"Something wrong?" I ask, and try to look worried. Aimée takes a deep breath and faces me. "No.. I.." She hesitates. She sighs, and I can see her struggling. I smile, and grab my belt to open it. She looks at me, and looks horrified. I smile, and pull off my belt. Aimée puts her hand out. "No!" She screams. I try to look confused. "What?" I say.

"I can't.. I.." She hesitates. I walk fast over to her and push her up the closet. She grabs my bare chest, shakes her head no in disgust, and moves her hands. I put my hands on the closet. One on each side of her, so she's trapped in my half embrace.

"What is wrong with you?" I say, and try to look worried. Aimée takes a deep breath and faces me. She tries to escape, but I react, and push gently her up the closet.

"Tell me the truth! What did you do to her?!" I almost scream at her.

She looks at me in confusion. "What?" She says.

I give her a look of poison. "You hurt her didn't you?" I say.

Aimée swallows, and I see her body freeze. "I don't know whom you're talking about" She answers. "You know exactly who! Annabelle! What did you do?!" I scream.

Aimée looks frighten. "William I did this for us" She whispers.

"There is no us! And there never will be!" I scream at her.

She looks shocked at me. "I told her to join the Santa fight, and to move" She confess.

My eyes are about to fall out. "You did what?" I say.

"William.. She.." She hesitates. I punch my fist into the door of the closet.

I move away, put on my shirt, and walk out the door, slamming it behind me.

I walk down the stairs, and turn on the big screen. It shows up like an invisible fence. 

And I see her face. Annabelle.

Her eyes red and big from crying, looking around nervously.

"I turn myself in to the Santa fight" She says, and stares into the screen.

The tears fall down her cheeks, and she cover her face in her hands. 

I feel the tears running down by the sight of her sadness. I havn't cried for over a year.

It feels like someone punched me in the stomach, and ripped out my heart, and threw it up my throat, where it is stuck. I look at her green eyes, as the camera shows her, sitting in her chair. Weakened.




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