Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


21. December 21st

When I arrive at William and Aimée's home, the door is already open.

I swallow hard, and prepare myself for the worst.

As I roll in, I see the pictures have returned and the jewelry.

I sigh to myself.


Aimée comes walking down the hall, wearing an apron as always, her hair set in a braid.

She looks at me, and the look is like poison. I swallow, and my heart sinks in my chest.

" 'ello Annabella. " She says in a cold tone, and I know I've done something wrong, and I feel guilty.

I look down. "Hey" I say, and start to bite my lip. I bite it open, and I can feel the blood falling into my mouth. It taste like metal and dirt.


"Annabella. I need to ask you something" Aimée says.

I look up in confusion. Annabella?

"Why do you call me Annabella?" I ask. Aimée crosses her arms over her chest.

"Isn't that your name? Is your real name LIA'?" Aimée asks.

I roll my eyes. "Aimée what do you want?" I ask. Aimée smiles. "Right to zest point.. Beautifyl!" She says in her french accent. Her smile disappears. "I want you to join zet fight tomorrow, and I want you to move!" She says coldly.


I swallow. "Aimée how do you expect me to win the fight with my legs not working?" I ask.

Aimée makes a laugh, that makes the hair in my neck rise.

"See. That's zet point! You going to loose! And you will be out of William and Caleb's life!" She says, while clapping her hands together like a retarded seal.


I raise an eyebrow in confusion. "Sorry. You want me to loose? But Aimée. Then I'll die!" I say.

Aimée's eyes sparkle at the word die. "Exactly!" She says with a smile.

"if I don't?" I ask in a harsh tone.

"Then I might 'ave to make your life a living 'ell!" She says with a smile.

"What?" Is all I can ask. "Well. I 'ave planned for Caleb to know the truth of you, and make him 'ate you. William too.. 'e loves me, you can never 'ave 'im. No matter 'ow 'ard you try. Your legs don't work, and 'onestly? What 'ave you left to live for? Your mother and father gone and all" She says.


I shake my head, and the tears starts to slide down my cheek. "Fine. I'll turn myself in.. " I give in.

Aimée smiles, and claps her hands. "Robot! Ze bags!" She commands, and a white emotionless robot moves into the hall with two bags. "Bye" She says with a smile and a wave, as I drive out.


The robot fastens the bags to my chair, and walks away in a stiff walk.

I'm rolling down the road, tears down my cheeks, when I crash into someone. I look up, and burst into tears.


He's a fullgrown man, with brown curly hair and bright green eyes. He's beautiful, and I know it's him after all these years.


He looks at me coldly. "Watch yourself" He says, and moves on, before I can say anything in response. I bury my face in my hands as I weep.


Someone touches my shoulder, and I look up. William is standing with a confused look on his face.

I wipe away the tears with the back of my hand.

"What happened? Annabelle?" He asks in concern.

I shake my head. "William. Please.. Walk away.. Pretend you havn't seen me. I don't want you to see me like this" I say, and my voice is shaking.


"Annabelle. What's going on?" He asks.

"I can't say" I answer.

"What? Annabelle. Who did this to you?" He asks. His green eyes sparkeling, and his muscles tighten. He almost looks like an angel.

"I love you Will" I say, and move away from him.

I drive as fast as I can, while the tears are running down my cheeks.


I see the gray building showing up, and I wipe away the tears. I take deep breaths until I have control over myself.


I open then door and drive inside. "I would like to turn myself in to the Santa battle" I say to a robot. It nods, and it walks over to a door, opens it, and steps into a room. The door is closing behind it.


And I feel my heart sink, and I'm cold.



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