Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


20. December 20th



(To all dreamers!)


"Let's run off together" William whispers in my ear.

I sigh. "Sssh" I hush at him, and drive away from him and over to Jamie.

Jamie looks down at me, and smiles nervously. I smile, and take his hand and squeeze it a bit.

Jamie smiles down at me. This time it's a real smile. I let go of his hand, and move over to the big table, Howard is leaning over.

"William!" he calls, and I almost jump, but I remind myself, that I can't because of my legs.

I sigh as Will comes over by my side, and looks at Howard. "What is it? Have you contacted Noah?" He asks in a nervous tone. Howard nods. "Yes, but that's not what I would talk about. How's Aimée? Setteling in, in our country I suppose?" He asks. I see Williams hands turn into fist, but his face remains emotionless. "She's visiting her aunt at the moment" He says.

Howard nods. "Have you considered having children?" Howard asks, as he looks down into some papers. My hands turns into fists, and my jaw sets.

William bites his lower lip. "Aimée and I havn't discussed that subject" He says and blush.

I stare at him, and my mouth open. I pull myself together, and straighten up. Don't let them see you have feelings for him.

"Well maybe you should. Tell her tonight.." Howard suggests coldly.

William nods, and goes out the door.

I drive up to Howard. "Why do you press him?" I ask. Howard gives me a poisoned look, whereafter he looks at the papers again. "Hello Annabelle. Nice to have you here." he lies.

"Why do press them to have kids and get married? They're just.. Kids" I say.

Howard sighs. "Annabelle. It's my responsibility.. Not yours. Why don't you try to walk and when you can then talk to me about what I can and can't do" He says coldly.


I swallow, and fight against the tears. My jaw sets. "One day Howard. You'll regret ever telling me that" I snap at him. He laughs in an evil way. "I will look forward to it" He answers coldly.

I make a face, and drive away out the door.


As soon as I'm out the door, somebody grabs my hand, and turns my chair.

I face William, and moan. William looks at me in confusion. "What's wrong?" He asks.

I lift an eyebrow, and give him a poisonsous look. "Why don't you go hime to you fiancé and ask her. What she would name your child? I think liar would fit perfectly. If it looks like you" I say coldly, and try to free myself from his grab. William sighs. "You really believe I would have children with her?" He asks. I grit my teeth. "Don't even get me started on what I think! You're a liar, and I'm done! I'm done being the ears you complain about your marriage to!" I answer him, and try to roll away, but William grabs my chair handle. He turns me around, and faces me. I spit down at his feet, and look away. "Annabelle" He whispers. I don't answer, so he sighs. "Recorder cut out! Turn off!" He says, and I hear the familiar clicking sound. "Annabelle. She doesn't love me okay! I told you already" He says, annoyed. I grit my teeth. "That doesn't mean you don't love her!" I snap at him.


William sighs. "Yes, okay! I might love her, but it doesn't change the fact that she want's to be with Caleb, and where is Caleb at the moment?" He asks and laughs at his joke. He stops, when he realizes I'm not laughing.

My jaw sets. "It changes everything William! Let go of me!" I say.

William lets go, and I turn to face him. "You love your wife! And I will never walk. People will keep using me, but at least I thought.. You wouldn't do that to me. After all I've been through! I guess I was wrong!" I say coldly, and press the button on my chair, and drive away.

Second time I drive away from somebody.



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