Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


1. December 1st


It's December 1st and everybody, but me, are excited.. For christmas.

It doesn't even snow here, because we've used up so much resources that it dosen't snow. When I mean "we" I mean the others, I wasn't yet born when they started destroying the world step by step. But somehow the human race has survived.

Robots are walking around the streets, and are singing old christmas songs like "All I want for christmas is you" 
It sounds horrible, because of the robot accent, but everyone enjoys it.
Except for me.
I know that Christmas is just another way for The Knights to show us who run the world of the planet. Everybody knows that on Christmas Day, two hundred people will be forced to be The Elfs.
The Elfs are basically people who has to work for Santa.
Santa is supposed to be an idol, an icon for little kids and adults, but not for me, I see him as he is..
An evil man with too much power.
Every year he chooses two out of the two hundreds, to fight to the death, to be his Wife.
After a year she dies (mysteriously) and then he seeks a new wife.  It's been going on for years now, but people still fight to be chosen. They think he's worth the murdering..It's entertainment for The Knights. And the whole world.

I know that Santa is not worth fighting and killing for.

I haven't met him, but I can see it in his eyes. The blue eyes, that sparkle with excitement every time an elf gets hurt doing impossible work. 

What he does to his wife, I can only fear.
The Elfs are supposed to be some kind of police. They kill, punish and correct our behavior.

We're The Underdogs..


We're the lowest when it comes to high and low. We're outsiders, outcast and so on.

And we don't have a say in any of this craziness, we fill in and hold our tongues..

As long as we don't object, we're safe.

The Knights tell us, that these were the roles we were born to fill.

Are we born to be poor, and have a short lifetime because of Santa?


There are the old people, who still live, who talk about the days when everything was different..

It almost sounds like an adventure, when they talk about the past. A dream. But this is a nightmare, and we can't wake up..

And I hate it. But I don't say it out loud.


A robot passes me, it nods without emotions "Merry christmas" It says with a cold metal like voice.

I nod automatically, when the robot stops. It continues, like nothing's happened. I don't have respect for those things. But I know what'll happen if I don't show respect.. 

The streets and cites have no names, where we live.

Me and mom call our street "Left and right" as a private joke, because the robots can't move to the left and to the right after that. They'll crumble in confusion.

It's fun to watch though. But last time it happened, an elf saw me laughing quietly, grabbed me by the neck, and dragged me over to the center of the road and started whipping me, until my back was so red with blood that it blurted out onto the elfs clothes. "Don't laugh at our robots! They're here to protect you" It said, and left.. I blacked out my mother told me. I had to spend a week and a half on the hospital. When I came back I was completely different.

The elfs had once been just like us, but somehow it's soul had disappeared. 

I saw the elf after that, but I couldn't look it in the eye, afraid that it would see my hatred, and punish me again. It never looked at me either..


Elfs don't feel shame. Actually the don't feel anything at all, as soon as they turn into elfs..

They're cold and evil creatures.

Worse than robots.














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