Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


18. December 18th


(thanks to Lavern2002 for reading my story and making a beautiful cover)



They look through my things, while I'm sitting in my chair..

I see all the knights. William, Caleb, Jamie, Alexander, Kevin, Conan and Howard.


William is wearing a loose t-shirt, and saggy pants, while he is pushing over a box aggressively.

"Watch that!" Alexander snaps at him, and William laughs, as he sits down, and checks through the box. Alexander is about 20 years old.

He's wearing only blue clothes, and has short brown hair and brown eyes. He smiles friendly at me, and gets back to the book he is holding.


It's weird looking at 6 boys checking through your things.

Howard is the leader. He has gray thin hair, and blue eyes that are squinted together behind some very small glasses. He's wearing an old suit with dust on, and his look is alarming, as he watches the boys, not helping them with the boxes.


Kevin is a beautiful young guy, about 15 years old. His hair is blond, and short. His eyes are light green, and I wonder if he's wearing contacts? His arms are thin, and he looks fragile, but as his arms tighten around a heavy box, he's not fragile anymore.

He gives me a smile, and I'm reminded that I'm 17, ugly and in a wheelchair . I shake my head and look away, as I hear him put down the box.

My eyes land on Conan. His black eyes are intense in thought. He's rubbing his chin, and some of his brown long hair falls into his eyes, but he doesn't seem to notice.

His about same age as Alexander, but he looks very older when he thinks.

It's like his an old man inside a teenager.


Caleb makes a worried smile at me, as he disappears out the door to my mothers room.

I sigh and look over at William. He looks very pleased, as he looks into my poetry book.

It must be Aimée coming back..


My heart sinks in my chest, and I look at Howard. I quickly look away, as I meet his eyes.

Kevin is checking through a photoalbum of me and my brother.

He looks up at me. "Hey. Isn't that Noah?" He asks in a surprised tone.

I nod, and the sound of my brothers name makes my heart sink deeper into my chest.

Kevin looks confused. "But.. Why did he" He says, but gets interrupted by Howard.

"He chose. Kevin. Now get back to work" He says. Kevin swallows and gets back to the box.


William makes a sound of surprise. "Hey! I think I found something!" He says, and my eyes seeks his. In his hand is a note. I swallow. William looks at it and reads aloud; " Dear Annabelle. I know who did it to you.. Love.." William looks confused at Howard, then at me.

I look at him in confusion. "Noah" William finishes, and my heart skips a beat.

Howard walks over and pulls the note out of Williams hand.

He reads it, and looks up without emotions. "We're done here" Howard says, as he walks out of the door. I hear the front door close, and Kevin shrugs and leaves with Jamie, Alexander and Conan by his side.


The front door closes, and William and I are alone in the room.

William pulls out a note from his pocket. I drive over to him. "What's that?" I ask.

William hands it to me, and looks up. His look is cold, as he stands up.

"Your final goodbye" He says in a cold tone.


I swallow, as I recognize my writing. William crosses his arms over his chest.

"Explain" He says. I swallow, and look up at him. "William.. It's not what you think" I say.

William looks at me in confusion. "What is it then?" He asks in his british voice.

I sigh, and curl the note and throw it away. William looks at it, then he looks back at me.

"William I was in a dark place back then. But I'm okay now" I say.

William shakes his head no. "How could you even consider it?!" He asks in an angry tone.

I swallow hard. "William.. Please understand.. I didn't go through with it" I say, and I realize my voice is shaking..


"It's not the point! You thought  about it! Do you know what I'd do, if you even tried to taken your life?!" He says, still angry.


I swallow hard, and flush.

 I know Caleb left a long time ago...


 Do you know what I'd do, if you even tried to taken your life?!


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