Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


16. December 16th

(To my family and my friends) "Why the hell did you do it?!" I scream at Caleb. He looks angry, and his hands are in his pockets. "She deserved the truth" He says, and gives me a look of poison. "There's no truth in that shit you spilled out!" I scream at him, and point my small fist up in the air. He makes a cold laugh. "Really? The why don't I believe you then?" He asks, and crosses his arms over his chest, and I see the muscles tighten in the arms. My jaw sets, and I squint my eyes. "I thought you'd say that. Let me prove something to you. Give me your hand" I say. Caleb trusts me, and shrugs while putting out his hand. I grab his hand, and pull my pencil out. I draw four letters, and press the top at the pen, when I finish the last letter. Caleb shrieks, and pulls his hand back. "Why the hell did you do that?" He asks, while rubbing his right hand. "Read the text" I say, and Caleb looks down. LIAR Caleb looks up at me. "I didn't lie" He says, and I shake my head from side to side. "I have no feelings for William! He has no feelings for me! You're going to tell Aimée that you lied to hurt William" I say. Caleb rubs his hand. "Why would I do that?" He asks. "Because.. I you don't .. I'll tell the knights what you did" I say, and cross my arms over my chest, after putting the pencil back into my pocket. Caleb gives me a look of poison. "Fine. I will. If you can look me in the eye and tell me that you don't have feeling for William" He says. I look him in the eyes. "I don't have feelings for William" I say coldly. Caleb nods, and looks down, but I see the smile spreading. "This is also the last time you see me" He says, and the smiles disappears. My heart skips a beat, and my palms starts to sweat. "Why?" I ask. "I'm moving to England. To live with my fiancé" He says, and I swallow. My arms feel numb, and the tears threaten to run down my cheeks. I try to smile, but it down't look real, I know it. "You found the right girl?" I ask. Caleb shakes his head no. "I barely know her" He says. My smile gets harder to hold on to. "Love at first sight?" I ask. Caleb shakes his head no. "Don't you get it? I have to get married, to become a knight. William also has to. I was jealous that he found someone he loves.. I'm going to spend my life with a girl, just so I can become a knight. I have to fake my feelings for her, put on an act, just to be who I am" He says. I take a deep breath. "But.. What if you didn't have too?" I ask. Caleb looks up with confusion. "How?" He asks. I swallow hard. "What if.. You said, you had found the girl you would marry, but you hadn't proposed yet? And you needed to help her win the Santa fight before you proposed?" I ask, and swallow hard.. Waiting for his reaction. He looks at me in confusion. "You would agree to marry me? How? After all I've done to you?" he asks. I shrug. "I know what you did was wrong, but I also know. That I don't wanna lose you. And if marrying you can make you stay, then that's what I'm willing to do. Even if the love isn't there.. We would have easier with acting like we're in love" I say. Caleb shakes his head. "No. I can't make you do that. You deserve to find real love. I won't stand in your way" He says. I shake my head. "Caleb. I'm asking you to marry me. Let me do this." I say. Caleb looks at me in confusion. "What's in it for you?" He asks. "I have a friend in the world who understands me?" I say. Caleb smiles. "I guess we can pull it off. But before we do. We have to tell Aimée the truth, and make you win the fight" He says.
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