Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


11. December 11th

"Sweetie! You need to get zom'zing  to eat" Aimée says, as she knocks on my door for the third time.

"I'm not hungry, but thank you" I say hopefull. Aimée knocks again. "I'm going to give you a tray, and just eat a little bit" She says, and I hear her footsteps disappear.

I sigh, and grab my wheels. I start to roll, grab the handle (very hard to do) and open the door, and roll out. "William?" I whisper.

William turns up, with a worried look on his face. "What? Are you okay?" He asks.

I shake my head no, while pointing at the direction of the kitchen. "Can you please tell Aimée, I'm not hungry?" I ask, and look into his eyes. His eyes are a little darker green today. He's wearing a white t-shirt and blue pants. You can see the muscles through his shirt, and I shiver from my neck to my waist, where the shivering stops with a hallow feeling. I sigh, and ignore the thought.

William looks confused at me, as his eyebrows gets closer to each other, and a little wrinkle appears between, showing his worry.


"What are you thinking about?" He asks, and tries to smile.

I shrug. "nothin' just not hungry.. And I don't need to be force-fed" I answer, and try to smile.

William still looks worried, so I sigh. "It's just.. I don't want her pity.. I know that she's only trying to help.. But I feel so.." I confess, and hesitate. William nods, and leaves me in the hall,

That's filled with pictures of William and Aimée. On the beach throwing water at each other.

Another of them both lying in the forest, in a bed of leaves. They look at each other, and you can see the sparkle in their eyes. I don't know who took the picture, but he or she captured their happiness well...


They look so happy together, and it tightens in my stomach.

I close my eyes, and take a deep breath. I turn around and push myself over to the kitchen.

The walls are white, and the surfaces of the kitchen are made of mahogany.

Aimée is over the stove, turning some eggs on a pan.

The sound of the eggs getting fried, makes me want to throw up.

It smells of bacon and homemade buns..

I try to breath through my mouth. Aimée is wearing an apron, with pink flowers on.

 She's wearing a blue silk dress with a white ribbon, that ends in a bow on the back under the apron.

Her hair is set up in a ponytail.


Will comes in from behind her, and puts his hands around her waist, and hugs her from the back, she smiles, as she recognizes his touch. He kisses her neck and behind her ear. And I'm sick to my stomach, so I turn around, and push myself down the hall and into my room.


I push myself over to the desk, and find a piece of paper. I take a deep breath, as I write my final goodbye. The tears starts running down my cheeks and down the paper, but I keep writing.

When I'm done, I put the piece of paper into my pocket, and wipe away the tears with the back of my hand. I push myself out, and down the hall and out. I feel the fresh air on my face, and I feel cold, but I push myself down the road.


I see the woman's house get closer and closer.

When I get there, I roll up to the door, and knock, as hard as I can.

The door opens, and I see a tall, muscular boy, probably my age, with blonde hair and blue eyes like the ocean. He looks down at me, and gasps. I look at him in confusion, and realize he's looking at my wheelchair. I sigh. "Who are you?" I ask.


The boy puts out his hand to me. "Caleb.. Hi. What's your name?" His voice is bitter sweet.

He's american. I shake his hand. "Annabelle" I say.

Caleb smiles, and I cross my arms. "What are you doing in this house?" I ask. Caleb looks back, and closes the door. "The woman has moved somehow. I was just checking clues of where she might be. May I ask, what you are doing here?" He asks, and crosses his arms. That's when I notice the K on his black blazer. Knight. I sigh. "She's my mom.. Or.. I actually don't know anymore. Since the accident, she has denied ever having a daughter.." I say.


Caleb lifts and eyebrow. "Accident?" He asks, and I laugh. "Well.. As you might have noticed I'm paralyzed from waist and down" I say, and wink my eye and smile.

Caleb looks down at me, and shrugs. "Oh.. Well.. About your mom.. Did you know where she might've went?" He asks. I shake my head no. Caleb nods.

I laugh.


Caleb looks confused at me. "What's so funny?" He asks.

I smile. "Well it's just.. Everybody is treating me differently because I'm in a wheelchair, but you.. You just treat me like I'm normal" I say.

Caleb shrugs. "Aren't you normal?" He asks.

I smile. "Yes. Thank you.. Well.. Where are you going next?" I ask. Caleb shrugs. "Nowhere" He says, and I smile even bigger. "Come with me, I'll show you something" I say. Caleb smiles. "Sure" he says, and follows me.








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