Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


10. December 10th

"Annabelle. Be reasonable! First of all. You were promised to  santa!  Second of all.. I'm a  knight !

And third... I never planned for any of this to happen okay? And.." He says, but hesitates.

"What? Oh god! She's having your child?" I ask, while rolling my eyes. Will shakes his head no.

"What really happened? Between us? Hm?" I ask, and cross my arms.

Will smiles. "Well.. You fell for me.. And" He says, but I interrupt. "I didn't fall inlove with you. You bastard! You have done nothing out of kindness to me! I'm in a wheelchair now! I got chosen to fight to death because of you!" I snap at him.


He laughs. "You think I love Aimée?" He asks.

I'm suddenly confused. "Isn't that why you're marrying her?!" I almost scream at him.

He shakes his head no. "I don't love her.. But I know that if I'm not married, I won't be a knight. Aimée's sweet and kind, but I don't feel that way about her" He says.

He sighs, and looks down at me. I just shake my head. "You're such a liar. Now roll me back into the house.. I need to find out how to beat that other girl, so I can get married before you" I say sarcastic.

He smiles, and pushes my chair up to the door again. I sigh, as I arrive, and Will laughs. "Welcome home" He says. I shrug. "It won't be home for long" I say.



The next day.

I absoloutly hate Aimée. Everything about her, annoys me. She's so happy all the time, and she keeps smiling. Her accent sounds a little fake, but I don't want to tell her..

She's in the kitchen all day long.. And keeps asking me how I'm feeling, and feeding me, and asking me if I need to go to the bathroom.


It's not funny to go to the bathroom, though. I have to pull myself up, with my arms, and sit and press a special button that.. No to much detail.

Aimée always stands outside the door, asking me if I need any "'elp"

She's creeping me out.

She tries to get me to eat. But I'm not hungry.

I just want to sleep, but Aimée insist on keeping me awake.


I hurts to feel different. Every single moment that woman's near me, I remember that some part of me is missing, and that's not just my legs.. My mom.

I miss her so much.


Will is not help at all. He just tries to make me jealous, by kissing his fiancée every 15 minutes.

And it's not on the cheek. It's snogging.


Everytime he kisses her, she's the one to pull away, and look guilty around for me.

But I'm always away when they kiss, because it's hurtful and reminds me that I havn't kissed a boy yet.

I don't know what Will's trying to do really.


It's only been a day, but it feels like a week.

Everything goes slow, because I'm in this chair. Aimée says she would be happy to decorate my chair, but I've gently said no.


I don't want her pity, or anybody's pity for that matter.

I hate being looked down at..




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