Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


44. Chapter 44

When I wake up, I scream.

I'm inside a cage, and I'm looking at Howard. I touch the bars and I get shocked. I scream in pain, as the electricity goes through my blood. Howard turns and faces me. He's still smiling, and I spit at him, but my spit hits an invisible fence and bounces back. I avoid getting hit, and Howard laughs. "You are standing" He says with a smile.

I look down, and to my amazement, yes, I'm standing. I look at him in horror, and he nods.

"Dad?" I ask, and I feel the word dragging inside. Longing to say the word.

He looks at me with a disturbed look. "Why do you call me that?" He asks.

"You knew I was your daughter. And you still treated me like.. Why?" I ask. Howard rolls his eyes. "Because you're my daughter" He answers with irritation. He scratches his face a bit. "I don't want to be somebody's father. I don't want to be anything to anyone" He says.


"You didn't love mom?" I ask. Howard shakes his head. "I didn't plan any of this to happen! You weren't supposed to be my daughter. I want to kill you" He hisses at me. I swallow, and look up. There's a hole. I look at Howard. "You were never my dad were you? A dad is someone who loves you. Who cares about you, and want's to know you. It's been all these years. And still you have not tried to contact me because you missed me?" I say.

Howard shakes his head. "I feel nothing for you" He says.

I swallow, and silently.. I grab a picture of Noah and I, a photo I took from my mothers house. I pull it up, and with all my strength I throw it up in the air. It floats right over the surface of the fence. It flies down on the other side, and land on the ground. Howard looks at the picture in confusion.


He walks over to it, and picks it up. He looks at it. "You're last memory" I say, and pull up my knife, and throw it directly through the fence. It dosen't bounce back. It goes right through and hits Howard directly in the heart. The fence and the bars fall to the ground, and I run over to Howard. He lies with blood floating out of him. I sit down next to him, and look him into his eyes. "I forgive you" I whisper. Howard nods with a grateful look. His eyes close, and he's gone.


I sit next to his body, and I don't react when I hear the door slam open. Aimée pulling up a gun, and shooting me in the leg. I feel the pain in my leg, and the blood floating out of my leg, but I don't scream. I'm feelingless, and I collapse to the ground. The rest of it is a blur of voices yelling at each other. I look as I see Caleb getting shot directly in the head by Aimée and I realize, she might be half robot. She works like a killing machine. I see Caleb giving a cry of pain before his soul disappears, and he's gone too. I see Kevin running into the room with a machine gun in his hand. He looks almost like a little angel. He loads the gun and shoots after Aimée. She runs around, and avoids every shot he sends. But Kevin get's closer and closer, until he finally hits her in the leg.


She crumbles to the ground, and I see Kevin running over to her..

My attention is suddenly distracted by my mother. She has a huge gun too, and she looks so small compared to it. A door slams open and about 15 soldiars come running in, splitting into three groups and shooting at the now 10 people behind my mother. Some crumble to the ground, and others run or fight back. I see my mother getting hit in the leg. She collapses, and looses the grip of her gun. A soldier runs over to her, and shoots her directly in the heart.


I can't feel or see anything ells from that moment. I feel the pain inside my chest, and I see my mom die inside my head again and again. Each time with even more strength, and I feel the pain closing up on me. I can't breath and my eyes are sore from crying.

I can't hear anything, nor can I see anything. The only thing going through my mind is

She's gone... She's gone..

I hear my throat letting out a sound of pain, and I lie, suffering and weak, back on the ground.

I wish I could die, and it'll all be over. I can't live in a world without my mom. Her warm heart, protecting arms, and the way she alway saw things from a different perspective.

It's gone.. And left is my dead mom without a goodbye.


I don't hear the shot before it's too late...

It hits me directly in the stomach and I let out a roar of pain..



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