Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


42. Chapter 42

When wake up, I feel warms arms around me. I blink and see that Will is carrying me .

I see some bars appear, and I know I'm about to be locked inside a prison. I know the shows on, so I look confused at Will. "What's going on?" I ask him. He dosen't answer, and his face is cold as ice.

I stare ahead at the bars, and we get closer and closer.

When we're there, Williams locks the door open and lies me in a hard bed. The rooms looks similar to the room Will slept in for several days.


William leaves the room without a word, and locks the door. He dosen't look back when he walks away. I don't know it he's acting or not.

I push myself up, and look around the room. The walls are depressing, but at least I'm only staying here for a day.. I look up and see a camera. They apparently, didn't think I would be able to crush it.

I sigh, and think about what's to do next. I have no chair, no food or water. There's only this hard bed and a window with bars, in the other end of the room. The bed has no pillow or blanket. I panic a bit when I realize that my secret weapon was inside my chair. My chair's gone. I feel hopeless.

I sigh in confusion. Why did they take my chair?


I punch my hand into the bed and a piece of paper bounces up. I take it, and read it.

Tell the truth.

Great! I'll sit in this horrible room for 24 hours with a note that says tell the truth. How depressing am I going to be?!

I shake my head and feel the cold wind, and I'm freezing.

I think it'll take about 5 minutes to crawl over to the door. I shrug, and throw myself out of the bed. I land hard, and gaps for oxygen. I start to push myself on the elbows over to the door.

 When I reach it I get myself up against a wall. I try to pull the door but it's locked. I sit there and stare down a hall for a sign of human activity. But there's none, and

I consider screaming. But I better not. I sigh in boredom.


"How long am I gonna be here?" I ask. I almost jump when so,one answers. "Until we need you" It's a robots voice. It sounds cold and like metal. I shiver in my arms.

"Can I at least get a pillow?" I ask. "No You cannot" Another voice answers. I look around and see a hologram of Howard. It wasn't his voice though.

"What do you want?" I ask. The hologram disappears, and I sigh.

"WILLIAM MARSHALL!" I yell.. Will appears in front of my cage. He frowns down at me with a cold look. "You called?" He says with irony. "Why am I here?!" I say in irritation.

He crosses his arms over his chest. "Just be quiet" He hisses at me.

I sigh. "Can I at least have a book to read while I'm waiting?" I ask.

I can hear the hologram before it appears. "She can have one book" Howard says.

I look up at Will, and try to act as good as I can. He nods and disappears.

After awhile he appears with a big book in his hand, he puts it through the bars, and I grab it. "Thank you" I say. He nods, and disappears. But I know he's not gone over to their side. It  warms me inside to know that I have not lost him. He could easily go over to the other side, and turn his back on me. He's done it before. And it nearly killed me.


I open the book, and see on the front page some writing.

I know Will, so I know he's written it.


Let us all flee, 

This love can't be controlled.

Let us get away before it spreads into horror.

I know my feelings have changed.

I am scared that I got hit.

My heart is no longer cold.

I am afraid to be in love.

So let us all flee..



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