Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


40. Chapter 40

Will and I are sitting on a couch. Hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder. "Favorite color?" I ask with a smile. "Green" Will respons. I smile. Will laughs. "What's yours?" He asks.

I smile, and blush. I hope he dosen't see it, but I know he did. "can't say" I answer determined, but Will's more determined than me so I give in. "Ocean blue" I say. William looks at me with a smile. "The color of my eyes" He says. I nod, and kiss his cheek. He shakes a little and makes a shivering sound with his teeth, and I laugh. "You should kiss me more often" He says.

I laugh and punch his arm, not hard but still.. He acts like it hurts, and I laugh.


Belle comes into the room through slide doors. She's wearing a piece of paper in one hand and a pen behind the ear. "I heard" She interrupts before we can say anything. She puts the paper into her pocket. I nod. "What do you think of the plan?" I ask. "I think it sucks! But we'll have to deal" Belle says. "But that's not what I wanted to talk to you about" She says. I lift my eyebrow and look at her in confusion. "William. If I could borrow Annabelle for a few minutes that would be awesome" Belle says and raises her thumbs with a fake smile that says you don't have a choice.William kisses my forehead and walks towards the slide doors. As he passes Belle, she smiles, and kicks through the air. William is fast on his feet. He turns like lightening, grabs her foot, and starts to pull it up. Belle laughs, and leans down to sit. Will keeps holding her foot, and when she's sitting on the ground, she tries to kick with the other foot. William grabs it instantly, and puts her feet together, and roll her around on the floor, laughing and showing off his muscles. Belle laughs and laughs, and I smile by the sight of them. Finally Will lets go of her legs, and they fall to the ground, and I feel a yank in my stomach because I miss my legs.


Will laughs, grabs Belles hand and pulls her to her feet. She punches him on the shoulder, and he goes out the slide doors. Belle focuses on me, and shrugs. "It's a thing" She says.

She sits down in the couch next to me, and puts her feet up on my lap. I look at her boots and look at her in confusion. "Well. If your not gonna use them, I might as well." She says.

I sigh, and lean back. "What did you want to tell me?" I ask.

"I've asked Conan to search through some things for me" She says, pulls up the paper from her pocket and hands it to me. I take the paper, and start to read the first two words;


William Marshall.


I curl the paper in my hand, and throw it away. "What do you really want?" I ask.

Belle sighs. "She's having his child" She says.

I swallow. "Yes" I say. "You need to know his past!" She bursts.

I shake my head. "What past?" I ask. "He's mom died when he was about 10 and his dad is a cold man. I tell you what! He was a knight himself! Well.. William went to school in the UK, and he was an excellent student. Loved all those old poets and that.. One day, he's dad was transferred to here, and William was trained to be a knight. His dad went back to the UK, but William stayed here even though he could have followed. He was determined to live here" She says.


I swallow hard. "I didn't know" I say. Belle shrugs. "Well. There's things  William doesn't know about you right?" She asks. I don't answer, so she stands up and leaves the room without another sound. I sit frozen in the couch, and I know I can't leave this couch without my chair which is being repaired.


I wait for Will to come back, but he dosen't.

I sit and wait and wait, and wait.. It feels like hours has gone by..


At the end I convince myself they've forgotten about me. They don't care..

I feel the self hatred starting to start a seed inside me.

You're stupid! You can't walk! You're a liar!


At last I can't take it anymore.

I bite my lip as I place my hands on the floor. I have to bite my teeth together so I don't scream. I feel every muscles tighten, as I make my legs go up in the air, and I'm standing on my hands.

I feel the blood rushing down to my head, and I feel the tears of joy and pain running down my forehead and out in my hair. Luckily my shirt is pushed down in my jeans, so it doesn't fall down.

I feel the gravity pulling in me, and I almost scream my strength out. I feel my arm's strength and the adrenaline running trough my veins. I'm so pumped. At last I use the last of my energy on getting my legs down on the ground. I sit up against the sofa, and I'm trying to catch my breath. I brush away the tears in happiness..






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