Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


38. Chapter 38

William finally lets go of me, and looks me deep in the eye. "Annabelle?" He asks, and I see the worry in his eyes. It almost scares me to see him having emotions again. But I don't tell him.

"I'm remembering" I confess and look down at my hands. They're dry and covered with white scares.

"What do you remember?" He asks, and I swallow hard. I tell him everything. He dosen't say anything just listens as I describe it into details. When I'm done. I look at him. Waiting for him to say something. But he just looks at me in horror.


I take a deep breath, and try to shake him a little. "William?" I ask.

He pulls himself together, and I see the boy I loved. The guy that held my hand at the hospital when I  got paralyzed. I look at him in amazement, and I see he feels the same thing that I do.

We recognize each other like old friends, and suddenly my arms are around his neck pushing him closer and closer, and our lips meet. I recognize the softness from his lips, and I remember missing the butterflies in my stomach he gives me. We hold each other like an item. I close my eyes, and remember the first time he kissed me, and my butterflies return with bigger motion this time. His hands runs through my hair, and my bones shiver. Except for my legs of course. But I ignore it.

We part but not entirely. I put my head to his shoulder, and take his hand in mine. I look at him to see what he feels.. But his face is cold as ice. He stares straight ahead, and I let go of his hand instantly. He keeps staring with the dark facade. I know I can't cry anymore. I have no more tears. I push myself away from him. Up against the wall. I look at him in horror, and I wait for him to say something that will break my heart. My hands starts to shake a bit, and I'm irritated of his silence. "Aren't you gonna say something?" I demand.


Williams gives a grunt, and turns to look at me. His eyes are deep blue, and I see my own reflection in them. I look horrified and the color in my face has disappeared. "What do you want me to say?" He asks. I take a deep breath before I speak. "I will not let you break my heart again" I tell him. Like matter-of-fact.


He looks puzzled. "And why is it that I will break your heart?" He asks with a curios look.

"Because you know it so well. And I know that look. It means that you've disappeared, and this arrogant selfish guy has taken your place. And I won't let you come into my heart and break it. I'm not even healed from last time" I throw at him. He smiles a familiar smile, and almost laughs. But I'm serious. He swallows. "It's not like that anymore Annabelle" he says.

"That's exactly how it is. I'll fall for you, and you'll leave me for somebody ells, and I'll be heart broken. Unfixable" I say. Williams eyebrows flies up, and he looks at me in confusion. "Is that how you see me?" He asks.

I nod. He shakes his head. "Annabelle.. I don't know what to say to this. I am who I am. And it's hard to change but I could change for you, if you'd let me. I could make the dark side of me disappear. I could be with you, and I heal your heart. But not if you won't let me" He says all poetic.


"I could call you Will again?" I ask. Williams laughs and nods. I embrace him, and take a deep breath before I whisper; "I'll have to warn you. If you hurt me, I'll break you"

William chuckles, and I laugh a bit too. But we both know that the truth has been said.

I pull back, and smile at him. "I could need a hand getting into the chair" I say. William smiles his familiar smile, and I know he's back. Even with his blond hair and blue eyes.

He grabs me, and gently places me in the chair. We roll over to the bars, and we scream for Alexander. He comes and locks us both out, just by seeing us together he trusts me.


We roll down the hall into the room, and stop in front of the guys to tell them the truth..








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