Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


35. Chapter 35

They've made a masterpiece.

The hologram is done, and I'm allowed to see it. Conan got the idea of course.

Kevin has been building on it nonstop with Jamie, something I've realized that they're both extremely good at painting. They pull of a blanket, and I gasp when I see the hologram.

I have to remind myself of breathing, and I look closely at it. But there are no flaws.. The hologram is absolutely perfect, and I hear myself saying it. Kevin and Jamie looks at their work and smile.

"It's hard to create someone you don't know" Jamie admits. I laugh. "you made it" I say still in shock, and clap him on the shoulder. They both laugh. "Does it work?" I ask, and Conan shows up.

"I've made the electronic. And it works. Even though she doesn't have exactly your voice" he confess.

I smile. "Doesn't matter" I answer.


Kevin claps his hands together and push his blond hair away from the eyes. He's removed the contacts and I see his beautiful blue eyes. "let's get to it" He demands, and Conan press' the power button. I shriek as I see the hologram moving her arms.


It's me..


She has long curly blonde hair and big brown eyes. I can see the scars (it took 2 hours for Jamie to create them) showing up from the back of her shirt like snakes. Her eyes look around in confusion, and I remember the look. She bites her lip, and I laugh to myself. She's the exact person I was before.

She steps down for the platform, and I recognize my walk. It's so weird looking at your past. Literally. 


The muscles set and relax, and I see her coming to life.

She looks at Conan and smiles. I freeze. Could I've fallen for Conan when I was...

But she doesn't seem to thin that way, just looks at him thankful. He's higher than her, so she has to look a little up. "thank you" she says, and I hear my own voice, and I'm amazed.

Hers is a little darker, but I know it sounds like me.


Belle looks around, and her eyes land on me.

She gasps, and I give an awkward wave. She looks at me in horror. "What?" She says, and steps closer to me. I shrug. "Later you got poisoned, and well" I answer her. She looks at me, and I see the sadness in her eyes, not pity. She knows how I feel.

She pulls herself together, like I used to do whenever I was sad, I never let myself cry.

She straightens up. "Conan told me about a guy I'm supposed to meet?" She asks.

I nod. Belle doesn't hesitate, she just grabs my chair and starts to roll me out of the room. I hear the boots she's wearing hit the floor and make a click noise. We're left alone in the hall. It has black walls and I know that about two cells from here, William is. I nod at left, and Belle turn left.

"Celle 13" I say, and Belle stops at Williams celle.


I give her the key. She looks through the bars, with a curious look, I know so familiar. She pulls back, and looks at me . "Who's he?" She asks, and points at William. I smile. "You'll figure out" I answer.

Belle lifts an eyebrow in confusion, and I sigh inside.


She's just like me, but different.

"Come on.. Go on"I encourage her. She takes a deep breath, and I see the cold facade. She locks the door open, and walks in.. I look through the bars. Belle pulls out a chair, and sits down in front of William, but the chair is set the wrong way, and she leans her arms on the back of the chair as she watches him. William looks up, and gasps. Belle looks offended. "That's not a way to greet an old..I don't know what I am" She says. William looks at her with an open mouth.

"Annabelle?" He asks, and Belle shakes her head no. She puts her hand out to him. "Belle" She says.

William is about to grab her hand, when she pulls it back and acts like she's fixing her hair. "Got ya" She says with a naughty smile. William looks at her in confusion, as he pulls back his hand.


"Where is Annabelle?" He asks, and I hear his nervous british accent.

Belle licks her lips, and acts disappointed "Oh! So this was all for nothing? You don't wanna talk about me?" She asks, and winks her eye. I don't remind doing that.


Williams looks at her and I see the facade going down on him too. "Actually you don't seem that interesting to me.." He says. Belle bites her lip. "I think you would find me really interesting and very sexy" She says with a smile. I put my head, for a moment, into my hands in embarrassment.

"Really?" Williams asks arrogant, and I look up again.

Belle nods. Williams crosses his arms over his chest. "Hmm.. They say opposites attract.. But then you wouldn't be attracted to me if you're hot. Because I am" He says with a grin and a wink with the eye. I look at them in confusion. Are they flirting?


It's like watching a movie, just when you're the main character.

Belle fakes a cough. "right" She laughs. Williams starts laughing too. "Are you always this cocky?" He asks in amusement. Belle laughs. "Yes. Are you always so confused?" She asks.

William shakes his head no. "So. What's the plan? Truth or dare or something planned?" William asks with a smile. Belle bites her lips and acts like she's considering it. But she hates truth or dare. I know that.

"No. I was just in the neighbourhood and saw you. Thought I would introduce myself" She says with a smile. "And shamelessly flirt with your future fiancé?" William jokes.

Belle looks at him in shock. "We're engaged?" She asks.

William shrugs. "Well actually, not anymore. I kind of. Chose someone ells" He confess.

Belle licks her teeth, and lifts an eyebrow. "Really?" She asks.

That's when I cough to interrupt. "Sorry Belle, but I think the visit is over.." I say through the bars.

Williams looks at me. He's confused. Belle nods, straighten up and walks out the door. "Bye" She says to William. He waves at her and me, still confused. I take the keys and lock the door.


"Who's the jerk?" Belle asks in confusion and gives one last look at William. I smile. We agree.

"I'll tell you when we get back" I say as she drives me down the hall.





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