Christmas is coming/ Christmas is gone

Annabelle has been through a lot. She lives in a world of chaos, filled with robots, Knights and santa fights. But all of the sudden something changes, and it might destroy her...


33. Chapter 33.

I look through the bars  into the gray room. I see William sitting on his bed, looking down into the ground, opening and closing his hand. The bed doesn't seem nice. I start biting my lips, a bad habit I have got, and stare silently at him. "I know you're there" William answers with a tired noise.

I straighten up, and pull up the key to the door, open, and roll into his 'cage'. The door closes behind me, and locks automatically.

"Are you going to change into a robot?" He asks sarcastic.

"No" I say under my breath, and drive closer.


"Were am I?" he asks, and I feel the familiar hint of british.

"Where Howard can't find you" I answer coldly. William makes a small laugh. He looks down at himself. He's wearing blue jeans, and a white t-shirt. "What am I wearing?" He asks in amusement, but I don't smile. "They had to check you for contact materials" I answer. William nods with a smile.

"Aimée'll be worried about me, she'll make them look for me" William answers with hope in his voice.

"Don't worry about that. We're on look out. And nobody has come for you so far" I answer coldly.

William looks at me in confusion. "Are you lying?" He asks. "No. I'm honest. We were all expecting them, but they never come" I answer. William sighs in frustration and say under his breath; "How"

I ignore it, and lean back.


"I need to know the truth" I say to him. He looks up, and smiles a familiar smile.

"So do I. You go first" He says, and leans up agains the gray wall behind him.

"Fine. This isn't my true self" I confess, and point up and down myself. William looks at me with a raised eyebrow, and looks thereafter up and down my body, and even though I hate him, I blush. He smiles, and I see the white teeth. "What is your true self?" He asks flirty.

I take a deep breath. "My name is Annabelle. But I was born Belle. My mom added the 'Anna' a few years ago." I say and take a deep breath before I continue.


I swallow hard. "A while ago. I laughed about the robot who couldn't turn left and right at the same time, and an elf whipped me almost to death.. As I was at the hospital.. The doctors were sewing me together, and I was screaming. A doctor heard my voice, and figured out who I was.. He told my mom, that many people around the world were hunting me. A big price was on my head, and it was only little time.. Before they would figure out who I was.. " I hesitate.

William looks at me intense. "Were you different? How?" He asks.

I swallow. "I had blonde hair, and brown eyes.." I confess, and (curs myself) I blush again.

I can see that William is imagining me with blonde hair, and brown eyes.


I nod. "So the doctors asked me, if I wanted to change my looks. What would I do?

I answered I would have black hair and green eyes. They agreed to do it.. And I transformed into a person I barely knew. Not only did I look different. I felt different. I was angry all the time, and I was more.. Careless.. I don't know what happened at the hospital that day, but all I know is.. When I came back, I had huge scars on my back, and I didn't know why" I say.

William looks at me in confusion. "You didn't remember?" He asks.


I shake my head no. "But the last couple of months. I've started to remember things. I see the elf clearly now. I remembered a shadow of a young man walking out a door with a suitcase. My mother grabbing his arm, crying. Begging him to stay. The cold blue eyes. And a K on his jacket.." I answer.

And for the first time, William looks like the guy I fell in love with. His expression shows caring. And I know that some part of the one I love is still left. Even though he's changed.


"Your turn" I say, and William turns cold again.

"I looked like this when I was born. I changed because of Howards mission. He wanted me to have black hair and green eyes like you" He says coldly.

"Why did you thought I wouldn't hurt you?" I ask.

"Because you still love me" He answers coldly. I tilt my head. "And so what if I am?" I ask, and I can't help but smiling.

Williams looks blankly at me. "The boy you thought you loved is gone. This guy you see here, is all you get" He says. I bite my lip. "And if I wanted the guy anyways?" I ask, and brace myself for something cruel in respons. William laughs. "One thing is I'm married and soon going to be a dad. And why would you want me after all I did to you?" He asks.


I laugh. "Well.. Maybe you should meet Belle?" I ask.

William squeezes his eyes close together. "I don't get it" He confess.

I smile. "Well. I kept my name. Belle. Belle was the angry and careless person. Annabelle is who I am today." I say.

William shakes his head. I nod. "Get some sleep" I say, and drive out the door.







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