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Hi all, Missy here! I'm starting an advice column which will hopefully be able to benefit everyone. I will be answering all types of questions so please don't be shy and ask away! If you are satisfied with your care, please share this among your fellow Movellians so we can help a lot of people! Love always, Missy xxx


11. The Observer

Also, any advice on school bullies making fun of my sexuality?


-The Observer



Hold your head high! They are none of your concern :)



If they are bullying you in a physical way, you need to tell someone right away. Perhaps find a teacher that you trust so that you can open up about the situation. They will be more than happy to help you.


If the bullies are teasing you then just ignore them. You are amazing just the way you are and no amount of words will ever be able to change that. If it helps, try picture this: The bullies are shouting obscene words at a brick wall. Is it going to fall? Of course not! :)

Or if that analogy doesn't work, try this: Humans are 60% water. Are you afraid of water? Nope! :)

If you're looking for a mighty fine comeback, try this: *flirt* "You know, all this teasing is making me kind of hot..."

This should only be a last resort because it may get you into trouble if they say that you were hitting on them, but you can pretty much guarantee that in the moment the bullies will be flustered and want to distance themselves from you.


I hope this helps!


Love always

Missy xxx

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