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Hi all, Missy here! I'm starting an advice column which will hopefully be able to benefit everyone. I will be answering all types of questions so please don't be shy and ask away! If you are satisfied with your care, please share this among your fellow Movellians so we can help a lot of people! Love always, Missy xxx




Yes, this movella may contain references or content about sex or sex-related subjects. This will depend if I get questions about it or not.

I will still have this movella at a green rating though, and here is my reasoning:

Not all of the content is sex-related. Some of it may just be as simple as how to stop a bully or how to compromise with controlling parents, and this is information that should be available to everybody.

I would also like sex-related content to be available to users, even if they are under-age in their respective countries. I would rather users be safe than sorry. I would rather educate them than have them make unwise decisions. I will never, ever go into graphic detail or post explicit content, no matter the question. Nobody wants to see that because... *shudder*

However, in saying that I do understand that not everyone is mature enough or they would prefer not to read about it - and that is completely fine! All sex-related posts will have a warning explaining the content both at the top of the page and in the chapter title. This way users who wish to avoid this sort of content can.


And please, please, please, keep the comments in the section below to a mature and acceptable standard as well. 

Happy asking!


Love always,

Missy xxx

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