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Hi all, Missy here! I'm starting an advice column which will hopefully be able to benefit everyone. I will be answering all types of questions so please don't be shy and ask away! If you are satisfied with your care, please share this among your fellow Movellians so we can help a lot of people! Love always, Missy xxx


13. Aleceia Peterson

I have a movellas question. So, I'm writing a fanfiction called "Finding Me". It's loosely (emphasis on loosely) based off of a popular movie and I'm worried people will think I'm stretching it. Should I still write it?


-Aleceia Peterson



Follow Nike's slogan and "Just do it!" Of course you should write it, if that's what you want to do. Never let anybody stop you from doing what you want to do.

Movellas is a writing website, a place designed to share your work. If you happen to get any negative comments on your work, you can delete them or report them to Georgia. Just make sure your work follows the rules of Movellas and then you're free to write as you wish!

Happy writing!


Love always,

Missy xxx

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