L.A Vampire

My name is Stacey. i became a vampire when i was 17, so now i'm 17 forever..... i live in L.A its pretty hard being a vampire! all the Hunters and the sunlight! but i got a necklace so i can walk in the sun now... There's always drama in L.A! My old boyfriend keeped killing people even though we had a ruel... "Don't kill in the sunlight" but he did.. and now he's dead! Do you know how hard it is to find a cute vampire! i have to turn a cute boy if i want him as my vampireboyfriend.... but this time i just couldn't turn him, even though i wanted to, but i just didn't want him to be like me..


1. This is me

People go by me every day without knowing. I'm the one who's eating their friends and make it look like an animal attack... i'm that person! A Little girl with her dog ran into me yesterday she looked at me and smiled but the dog, it just looked at me with these eyes of knowing, until it started to bark...I just can't get it out of my head it was horrible! While i was running among the Beach this boy ran into me so i fell in the Water he helped me up and smiled a bit while he was looking me in the eyes. He had the most beautiful face i've ever seen! He shall be my vampireboyfriend! He hesitated "I'm so sorry..ohh i didn't saw you" i tried to say to him that it was okay and that i was fine unti he asked " Would you ever date a guy who pused in the Water?" i smiled and found a pen and wrote my number on his wrist, and then i ran home again. Next day he called me " hi. its Jason or my name is Jason.. well awkard.. but we met at the Beach yesterday and i was just wondering if you had any plans for tonight?" "oh hi Jason well no i've cleared the Whole week cause i was waiting for you to call me..." "you was! Seriously! well i'll pick you up at 8 pm then.." "great see ya" and that was it, finally i get to go out with super hot boy! I've been waiting for this in 89 years now!

I dont remeber my Family or anything from when i was a human. I only have a Picture and it seems that i have two sisters and a mom and a dad but i dont remeber them at all! i've met vampires there's around 200 years and more and all of them remeber their Family! what happend with me when i was a human or when i was bidden... I live alone in my house, or i kinda ate the owner and took the house.. its a really big house and they was really rich and i now have all of their codes to bank accounts and stuff so im rich! But what will Jason think of me when or if he founds out about me.. What willhe then do? And even worse if i turn him and he'll hate me for it, that's my fears...

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