L.A Vampire

My name is Stacey. i became a vampire when i was 17, so now i'm 17 forever..... i live in L.A its pretty hard being a vampire! all the Hunters and the sunlight! but i got a necklace so i can walk in the sun now... There's always drama in L.A! My old boyfriend keeped killing people even though we had a ruel... "Don't kill in the sunlight" but he did.. and now he's dead! Do you know how hard it is to find a cute vampire! i have to turn a cute boy if i want him as my vampireboyfriend.... but this time i just couldn't turn him, even though i wanted to, but i just didn't want him to be like me..


6. the party went wrong..

So many people arrived! It was so weird! Just around 300 or something was in my house, my house! luckey that my house is this big! I was standing in the door and saying hello to all the people on their way into my house! But all the thaughts disappeard when i saw Mike get out of his car! He was looking fine af! He came up to the door, looked around and kissed me! I smiled and went inside with him. Jason came over to me and kissed me infront of Mike! "Baby, are you gonna introduce me to your friend?" he asked, "oh.. sure? Mike this is Jason and Jason this is Mike" i answerd, "And just so you know, i'm her boyfriend!" Jason suddenly scramed but Mike just looked at him and smiled. Jason ran over to some of his friends and Mike dragged me into the bathroom. "Are you mad Mike?" i asked him, "No i'm not! you'll break up with him soon and then i'l have you all by myself!" he said and smiled. We talked, then we kissed for a loong time, and then just the thing that shouldn't happen, Jason came though the bathroom door! He looked chocked at me, and a tear rooled down his cheak. "oh my gosh! i'm so sorry Jason" i yelled after him but it was to late he was already running Down the stairs, so i ran after him all the way outside the house. He was sitting on the grass crying. What happened to me? what happened to the girl who didn't wanted to turn the love of her life? Why did Mike also came into my life??? I sat Down beside him. "I'm so sorry Jason!" but he just looked at me with his ocean blue eyes and said "How could you do it? i've done nothing else than loving you! i was looking for you in two hours and you was just kissing that stupid motherfucker all the time", "I'm so sorry i just.. i dont know what happened?" i said, but his answer was just " If you didn't knew who he was, then you wouldn't kiss with him for that long! i know cause you didn't knew who i was and we only kissed a second or two!" and then he left.   

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