L.A Vampire

My name is Stacey. i became a vampire when i was 17, so now i'm 17 forever..... i live in L.A its pretty hard being a vampire! all the Hunters and the sunlight! but i got a necklace so i can walk in the sun now... There's always drama in L.A! My old boyfriend keeped killing people even though we had a ruel... "Don't kill in the sunlight" but he did.. and now he's dead! Do you know how hard it is to find a cute vampire! i have to turn a cute boy if i want him as my vampireboyfriend.... but this time i just couldn't turn him, even though i wanted to, but i just didn't want him to be like me..


5. the new Mike, just not the dog...

Saturday morning! Mike started to bark from the kitchen. Of course, food that's what i forgot to buy him! i looked in the fridge.... "Blood?" i asked, but he just looked at me with the eyes saying "Beef". So i went to the store and when i came back with around 20 beefs he jumped around and barked at me. My iphone was ringing, it was Jason. He said  "Hey babe! party tonight at your house?" , confused? yeah just a bit! "ohh... Why at my house? and WHO would come? i dont know anybody yet...." i answerd, "Dont worry! i posted something on facebook, everybody is coming! i already got 457 comments!" he said, "oh.. fine i'll geuss?" "Thanks baby! your the best!" he said.


Someone knocked on the door, but where was Mike? i opened a really cute boy was standing on my doorstep!

"Hi! i'm Mike! i'm new here!" , "Oh, funny your name is Mike and i can't find my dog also named Mike!" i said, "He laughed, do you want me to help you find him?" he asked, his voice was soo sweet and i could listen to it all day! "sure! why not?" i said and let him in. we looked in the Whole house but he wasn't there, then we sat Down and talked in hours! He leaned toward me, and kissed me. Why didn't i stopped him? Why did i kept kissing him? But it was to late! We were already Upstairs.... Twenty minuts later Jason arrived! The fucking party! I was wearing Mike's shirt! Shit was my thaughts! Jason will notice that it aint his shirt!´He smiled when he saw me running Down the stairs, he huged me, and i kissed him and told him to clean a bit up and i would go get dressed. When i was back in my bedroom, Mike was already dressed. " I geuss i have to go now, but you'll maybe see me at the party!" he said and kissed me, i smiled ans then he left out of the window. Jason came into my room, he said that Melanie and Brad would be here soon to help us getting ready, so i took my Black sexy dress on and waited downstairs...


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