L.A Vampire

My name is Stacey. i became a vampire when i was 17, so now i'm 17 forever..... i live in L.A its pretty hard being a vampire! all the Hunters and the sunlight! but i got a necklace so i can walk in the sun now... There's always drama in L.A! My old boyfriend keeped killing people even though we had a ruel... "Don't kill in the sunlight" but he did.. and now he's dead! Do you know how hard it is to find a cute vampire! i have to turn a cute boy if i want him as my vampireboyfriend.... but this time i just couldn't turn him, even though i wanted to, but i just didn't want him to be like me..


3. a secret must never been told..

first school day! normal people or girls at my age would think about their hair and if boys think they are hot! But i don't care, i'm obsessed in Jason! L.A. High school! normal people, no fangs, no weird rings or necklaces, just normal people! Jason ran over to me and kissed me, we are now a couple and i can't be more happy! He asked our teacher if he could show me around, but he didn't really showed me around, or he showed me the janitors closet and then we just made out until our teacher found us.... Everyone looked at me like i was some kinda freek and then i thaught about the dog! Do they know about my secret? "Baby! Everyone is looking at you, they just want your spot!" Jason said, i just smiled and looked at him, he still don't know my secret!

Later Jason and i made out in my house but i could just feel my fangs growing in my mouth and i don't want to push him away but i had to... "Baby! What's wrong? that's the second time you push me away!" he kinda yelled at me, " I'm sorry Jason its just hard sometimes! i just need some air!" i went out and i sat in the grass and cried! why? i don't know! maybe because i can't turn him or maybe because he'll hate me for it? i don't know and i'm not going to take the risk!

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