L.A Vampire

My name is Stacey. i became a vampire when i was 17, so now i'm 17 forever..... i live in L.A its pretty hard being a vampire! all the Hunters and the sunlight! but i got a necklace so i can walk in the sun now... There's always drama in L.A! My old boyfriend keeped killing people even though we had a ruel... "Don't kill in the sunlight" but he did.. and now he's dead! Do you know how hard it is to find a cute vampire! i have to turn a cute boy if i want him as my vampireboyfriend.... but this time i just couldn't turn him, even though i wanted to, but i just didn't want him to be like me..


4. a new friend

Jason and i became friends again, and he actually introduced me for his friend Melanie. She was sweet and we spend the Whole day together and after school we went to her place. when i steped through the door i could smell this weird smell, like something was on fire. Then i heard Melanie's mother screaming from the kitchen "Sorry Guys! its just the fish its kinda burned on..." Melanie laughed and said "I'm sorry, my mom is not the greatest Cook..." i looked at her and smiled. I saw her room its like a real teenager room, with posters of One Direction and 5 seconds of summer and all those famous boybands! It actually suprised me that i knew the names of the bands, or two of them! "I got a Picture with Niall when i was at their concert it was like the best selfie ever! Have you been to one of their concerts" she said, i smiled and said " No, but i've met Harry Styles once..." "Omg! No waay! that sounds like AMAZING!!! but his hair is kinda too long!" she almost screamed. I didn't knew what to say so i just cracked a little smile... I went home just before they was going to eat, cause i kinda dont eatsalat and potatoes or stuff, i just drink blood... In every story i've ever read the vampires drink human blood! But its kinda too sweet, so i just drink animal blood and only human blood when im hungry for sugar... Even though my last boyfriend thaught that human blood was the best and it kinda is, im not that powerful when i drink animal blood all the time, but i dont care, i cant drink human blood if i want a human boyfriend....


A dog started to bark outside my window, i let it inside and it was all beaten up and it looked scared! i sewed the wounds together and now i could kinda call it mine! i wanted to call him... Mike! He was a big puppy he actually looked like a dog but i could see in his teeth that he was only a puppy. I dont use to take dogs into my home cause it could be a werewolf but he was to cute to be a werewolf!

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