A collection of poems, some of which are originally from my Tumblr page. {urbansupernova.tumblr.com} I only started writing poetry a few months ago (feedback would be greatly appreciated - please tell me if I'm getting everything wrong) but I wanted to post these anyway, so... Enjoy :)


21. \\ she is \\


~ This is somewhat similar to my separate, longer poem 'she', but I decided to post it here instead. ~

she is 
the trees 

she reaches out
to the sunlight and
bows to the wind,
and when the rain
comes she holds out
her fingers as if they
are the leaves and 
she catches water on 
their tips because she 
knows that the bad 
things make us grow 
just as much as the 
good things help us live

she explores the ground 
beneath her feet and she 
knows there is more that 
goes undiscovered but 
she makes sure to keep 
to her roots because 
although home is where
her heart is, her heart is
nothing without a home
and although her skin
may be rough and her 
body marked with scars
she accepts them as part 
of her and she knows 
they carry secrets as to 
how she became stronger 
when she thought she 
never could

and she is
the forest

she is a tangle of 
thoughts that branch 
out in every direction;
she is connected by 
pathways and tunnels
and hills
she is a home for many
and a hideout for some,
she is growing and
changing but some parts
of her still always remain

she is darkness when 
darkness calls but she 
knows how to bring 
back the light and that 
is something she must
always remember if she 
ever feels like she is 
wearing away

she is 
the forest 
and she is
the trees

some parts 
of her
but some


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