A collection of poems, some of which are originally from my Tumblr page. {urbansupernova.tumblr.com} I only started writing poetry a few months ago (feedback would be greatly appreciated - please tell me if I'm getting everything wrong) but I wanted to post these anyway, so... Enjoy :)


11. \\ home \\

Lingering exhaustion has taken residence in my bones and I can no longer face my reflection in the morning without having to greet tired eyes and pale skin. But somehow you convince me that there were once angel wings in the place of the ashes that have settled upon my shoulder blades, and although I thought it was fire that turned those feathers to dust it is fire that sets me alight, for your touch ignites sparks inside of me and I want to stay and feel the flames as you thaw out the caverns of ice dug into my ribcage. I can hear my heartbeats again; I thought that rhythm had long since turned to a whisper but I want it to keep going if only so I can breathe your air for a little while longer. So please hold me, God, just hold me; this selfish longing has engulfed me and you are the only thing to keep the stone under my skin from crubmling away and I can't count on myself not to fall apart

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