A collection of poems, some of which are originally from my Tumblr page. {urbansupernova.tumblr.com} I only started writing poetry a few months ago (feedback would be greatly appreciated - please tell me if I'm getting everything wrong) but I wanted to post these anyway, so... Enjoy :)


19. \\ glass \\

{ really not sure if this one makes sense at all }

and maybe we are glass and maybe

there are flecks of brilliance stuck 

between the panes but we have no

idea because everything is transparent 

and we must simply see through it without

noticing its existence; and maybe it takes rain

to illuminate the brilliant parts of us we have

never known until we realise that they have been

there all along, and although we are glass that is

seen through by everyone there are parts of us

that in time we will be happy to show off because

the bad days have revealed parts of ourselves that

we couldn't even imagine and those days make the 

good days more wonderful than we could have anticipated



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