How could you?

Isabella and Luke have been together but will one thing ruin there relationship


3. will you.....

Isabella pov

Luke got down on one knee and said

"Will you marry me" he said

"Yes of course" I said smiling like a idiot

He hugged me he kissed me we cuddled up

"Your going to be Mrs Hemmings now" he said

"I know" I looked up at him

He put his hands my tummy

"Daddy loves you" he said kissing my tummy

I started to tear up

"Babe are you okay I'm sorry"

"Don't be" I said whipping my year away

"Then why are you crying hon"

"I'm just happy to have you" I said hugging Luke

Lukes pov

Her words where in my head I can't I can't I'm a horrible person

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