How could you?

Isabella and Luke have been together but will one thing ruin there relationship


1. Us

Isabella's pov

It's been a month since the boys been back. We and Luke have been more distant then usual. It worries me

"Hey lukey" I said walking over to him

" um hey babe" he said

"Luke I'm worried about us" I said

"Why" he said

"Because we haven't been like together like we use to" I said

"It's okay I've stressed lately" he said

"Oh I'm sorry" I said feeling a bit stupid

"Shit I have to go" he said fast an he ran out the door

Michaels pov

I saw Luke running down the street

"Hey Luke wheres Bells" I said

"Oh at the house why" he said abut in a hurry

"Oh I just though she'll be with you" I said

Luke never acts this way, it looks like something's up


He's it is next book what do you think is up with

Luke is he doing something

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