Journey to the Golden Gates

Beth and Annie were just some simple teenagers going to a Halloween party, but when they get in a car crash, everything goes down.
Annie is tragically injured and for Beth, well all I can tell you is she is in a better place, or so they say.

Beth is standing somewhere, they call it the void, she can either get banished to hell for eternity or go through a series of tests to see if she is worthy for heaven.

But these tests are not easy, and if you fail, you are banished to hell forever but if you win, you survived the journey to the golden gates


1. Crash

It all started on October 23rd, when me and Annie were going to my friends halloween party. 

“Beth come on, we have to be at Cassidy's before six!” Annie screamed up the stairs, 

“Yeah, Yeah coming!” I scream back, 

I snatch my bag off my bed and hurry down the stairs, colliding with Annie.

“Jeesh Beth, slow down!” she chuckles,

“Oh shush!” I laugh, patting Annie’s back.

I grab the keys off the coffee table and jogged to the door. 

“5:45, let’s go!” 

We both run out the door and toward my Ford Explorer.

We both jump in and I start the car. 

“So Commercial Avenue then turn right to Javier Drive?” I ask Annie, hoping she remembered where Cassidy lived.

“Yeah but if there is too much traffic, we can take a bipass on Winter Drive and turn left to Hillberry and another left to Javier.” she confirms holding up her phone, showing google maps. 

“Thanks, I will take the original way unless it is really packed.” I smile, driving backwards out of the driveway and into the street.


As we drive down Main Street, Taylor Swift’s, “Shake it off” plays throughout the car. We smoothly ride down Main. As we turn on Commercial I could hear the faint sound of sirens.

“You hear that?” I ask Annie, hopping she had the same good hearing I did. 

“Yeah, must be a car accident, or a murder, or a car chase, man do I love those!” she shouts with glee, grinning her head off.

“Have you ever noticed how disturbing you are?” I smile, joking around.

In the corner of my eye I could see her grinning at her phone.

“What you looking at Annie?” I ask, quickly glancing at her phone.

She quickly hides it with her hand.

“Nothing, Nothing.” she quickly smiles and then hides it behind her frown. I roll my eyes turn back to the road. I watched the light from the corner of my eyes glow from her phone and before I could take my eyes off the screen and back on the road, I a picture of her and her best friend, who died in a car accident four year ago on October 23rd. 

“I am sorry, Annie.” I whisper, looking back at the road.

“Forget it, it was four years ago, I should get over it.” she grumbles, shutting her phone screen off and smacking it into her leg.

I pick up speed, as the clock changes to 5:57.

“Slow down Beth, the roads are all icy from the surprise flurry.” Annie shouts. She grasps onto the seatbelt. 

“We can’t be late!” I rant, pointing to the clock. It said 6:00.

“It is fine, it is ok.” she sighed, slightly letting go of the seatbelt.

I raised my foot from the gas petal a little bit.

I stopped a the stop sigh, right before Javier. I was about to turn when 2 bright lights came in sight in the corner of my eye.

“Hey Annie do you see that?” I slam on the brakes halfway into the turning onto Javier. 

“What is th—.”   

I couldn’t see anything but, I could hear the glass breaking and the metal crunching the the screams, too loud, I didn’t notice it wasn’t Annie, but it was me, screaming and screaming and screaming but it wasn’t as loud as the radio,  “Aint It Fun” by Paramore was playing, loud, and the only things I could hear was on loop, and it went on and on and on.

“If it don't hurt now then just wait, just wait a while” 

I felt nothing, no pain, nothing. Then the loop stopped and my vision slowly started to come back. The faint sound of a car horn faded in and a small light that looked like a flashlight and then the words faded in.

“Ma’am,  are you alright? Answer me!” the man shouted, shining the flashlight. I blinked, and I opened my mouth, hoping I could make a sound but nothing came out. 

“She is alive!!” the man shouts, waving his hand in the air.

I could hear the marching of several men, who were in my guess paramedics. 

I turned my head to Annie, whose body looked weak and pale.

“Is— shee ok?” I stutter, reaching out for Annie.

“We don’t know, get a paramedic on this girl now!” he shouts gesturing toward Annie. 2 of the paramedics helped me out of the car and into a gurney. I looked up to the sky and saw the clutter of stars and then I saw it, it looked like a light. Like in the movies when they say “Walk toward the light.” it was beautiful and so bright, and I was going to reach for it when I stopped. I couldn’t leave until I knew Annie was alright. 

  And even if I had to fight to stay I would

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