Falling for you

Hi, I'm Jess, I'm 17 years old. I live in Sydney with my mum and two brothers. I live as a musician. I sing and play guitar. I get bullied everyday at school. Everyone hates me... I don't have any friends. I am also single. I need someone... My brother Michael is all I have...

Jess meets a boy, aka Ashton Irwin. He's new at school. Her brother, Michael had formed a band with him, along with his mates, Luke and Calum. Ashton is very nice to Jess and they both begin to develop feelings. Will Jess literally fall for him? Go ahead and find out :)

Warning: contains abuse, swearing and sexual activities.


8. Chapter 9

Jess's POV.

We continue to sit there for the rest of the lesson... He really cares about me. Michael does aswell, but not like this... Ash is so nice to me and he looks after me.... I'm falling for him... I really am. I don't care if it's been two days... I think this is true love. It is... Or is it...? I don't know. He might just feel bad for me or something. Why would anyone like me? Even Chelsea... I'm confused. The home siren goes and I stand up and walk out of the room with ash behind. "Jess? Is everything okay?" He asks pulling my arm. "Yeah I'm just... Tired..." I lie. "Let's go to your house, I'll drop you off," he says. I nod and he takes my hand.

It's silent. And awkward, but a good kind of awkward. I caught him staring at me a few times. I looked to the ground and follow my feet. We arrive at my house and unlock the door. Ash stops at the front door. "Would you like to come in?" I say smiling at him. He walks in slowly. I go to the kitchen to look for mum. She's not here. I see a piece of ripped paper on the bench. I pick it up and read it. 'Just letting you know that I'm not going be home for a while, I'm doing work training, I won't be back for another 3 weeks. Take care of yourself Jess and be safe :) ~ mum xx' I turn to ash. "Mums away for 3 weeks due to work training." I say pouting. He giggles. "Hang with me???" He asks. I smile. "Sure ash," I say. His dimples shows and I blush. "Your soooo adorable when you blush," he says winking. I punched his arm. "Stop it," I say turning a much brighter shade of red.

My phone vibrates and I check it. It's Michael. 'Hey Jess, I'm saying at Calum's tonight, I'll see you at school tomorrow :)' I reply. 'Okay :) just letting you know that mums on work training and won't be back for 3 weeks :D' I sent it and turn to Ashton. "Michael is staying at Calum's for the night. So I guess it's just us hanging," I say smiling. He laugh. "Yaaaaaaay!" He screams. I chuckle. "Let's watch a movie," I say as I climb onto the couch. He sits beside me and I put mean girls in the DVD player. The movie begins and i focus on the screen. I look over to ash who's sitting awkwardly beside me. I smirk and watch the movie. Half way into the movie, I look over at ash again. He's closer to me then he was the last time I looked. He wants me to cuddle with him haha. I roll my eyes and place my head on my neck. We got more comfortable. I enjoyed this... This is perfect... I started to dose off...

Ashton's POV

We begin to watch mean girls and I awkwardly sit next to Jess. Half way through the movie I shuffle a little closer to her. She looked and rolled her eyes. Then she places her head on my shoulder. I shuffle around to get more comfortable so that she is laying on me. Towards the end of the movies, I noticed that she dosed off. She so peaceful so I didn't wake her. So I decided to dose off aswell...


I wake up and look at the time. It's 8:00. She must me hungry. I gently shake Jess. She wakes up. "What time is it?" She says with a hoarse voice. "8:00pm, go get dressed, I'm taking you out for dinner." I say. She gets up and runs upstairs to her room. 5 minute later, she comes down with some sweat pants and a tank top on with her hair in a messy bun. Dayum she looks fine! She grabs her jacket and walks out the door. I follow. "Where are we going?" She asks. "Pizza hut," I say as I grab her hand. She smiles and we walk down to Pizza Hut.


We walk through the door and take a seat. The waiter comes takes our order. "Jess, what would you like," I say smiling. "A supreme please," she says. That my favourite pizza xD when our pizza came we ate in silence. I stare at her, eating away at her food. "Why are you staring at me haha it's making me a bit uncomfortable," she winks. "I'm sorry, I can't help to look at a gorgeous gal like you," I say giggling. She blushes. "Heh..." She says. We finish eating and i pay for our food. I walk out with her and walk her home. When we got to her house, I stopped at her door. "Ash, thank you for a wonderful night," she says smiling. I smile back. "Anytime my lady," I say back. She wraps her arms around and kisses my cheek. "Goodnight," she whispers. "Goodnight..." I say back. She walks inside and I walk to my apartment. I open the door and see luke play Xbox in the living room. He sees me and stands up. "Where have you been?" He says smirking. "With Jess," I say back. I walk up to my room and climb into bed. I grab my phone and text Jess.

A: Hey! ^-^

J: Hey Ash :P

Jess's POV

I wrap my arms around him and kiss him on the cheek. "Goodnight..." I whisper. I could feel him tensing up and holds me closer. "Goodnight..." He whispers back. I let go and walk into my house and close the door. I run upstairs and go into the bathroom. I take my bracelets off, showing my scars. I brush my teeth and let my hair down. I hear my phone go off. It's proberbly mum or something. I sigh and walk to my bed where my phone is sitting. I pick it up and smile. It's ash. 'Hey! ^-^' I lay down onto my bed. 'Hey ash :P' I sent it and I pull the blankets over me. My phone vibrates again.

Ash: I really can't stop thinking about you Jess <3'

I smile. 'Me too ash xx thank you for taking me out, I had lots of fun! XD'

Ash: 'I'm glad that you did :) especially when you were eating pizza, it looked like you were ripping into a dead gazelle xP'

I laugh. 'Hahahaha very funny ash. It was weird when you were staring at me :')'

Ash: 'haha you liked it ;)'

I blush. Ash: 'also, I can feel you blushing from here ;)'

I giggle. 'Stop being a smartass ash haha <3'

We kept talking for most if the night. Then I finally dosed off....

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