Falling for you

Hi, I'm Jess, I'm 17 years old. I live in Sydney with my mum and two brothers. I live as a musician. I sing and play guitar. I get bullied everyday at school. Everyone hates me... I don't have any friends. I am also single. I need someone... My brother Michael is all I have...

Jess meets a boy, aka Ashton Irwin. He's new at school. Her brother, Michael had formed a band with him, along with his mates, Luke and Calum. Ashton is very nice to Jess and they both begin to develop feelings. Will Jess literally fall for him? Go ahead and find out :)

Warning: contains abuse, swearing and sexual activities.


5. Chapter 5

I look around and see Chelsea standing behind Ashton. She glared at me and eyes ashton with a intrested look. "Oh, if it isn't the little cry baby," she says pretending to cry like one. Ashton gives her a weird look. I see his face and giggle. She states at me with a mighty rage. "What are you laughing at?" He says angrily. I frown. "That is none of your concern," I say. She pushes past Ashton and grabs my shirt and before Ashton could do anything, Chelsea's fist collides with my face. I hold my face in my hands. Blood came dripping out of my nose and onto the floor.

I hear Ashton screaming. "Why the hell did you do that!!!" He yells. He pushes Chelsea and her friends run out. Ashton grabs her on the shirt and whispers in her ear. "If you go anywhere near her again... You will deal with me.." He let's go and Chelsea and she runs out of the room. I lay on the ground, with no strength. Ashton grabs me arm and wraps it around his neck. He gently lifts me off the ground.

Ashton's POV

I gently lift her stiff body off the ground. I look at her as I walk towards the nurses office. She's so beautiful. I don't even care about the blood nose and the bruise under her eye. She opens her eyes and stares at me. "Everything's okay jess," I smile gently. I walk through the school halls and people staring at us. I feel as if everything is in slow motion, because all I want is her to be safe. I walk into the nurses office and lay her onto a bed. I sit next to her and stay there until the nurse came. The nurse asks politely to leave the room. Jess looks at me with a sad expression. I hold her hand tightly and kiss it. As I was about to let go, she whispers something to me. "Ash... Thank you...." I smile at her. "Your welcome jess, i will always be here for you," I whisper back.

Her eyes fall shut and I let go of her hand. I walk out silently and went to find the boys. I'm so worried about her and I care about her. I know that it's only been one day and I try not to believe it but...

I'm falling in love with her...

Jess POV.

"Ash... Thank you..." I whisper. I don't want him to go. He is the only person I have right now. "You welcome jess, i am always here for you," he says back. Then he walks out. The nurse examines my face and cleans the blood up with a cotton bud. She asks me questions. I answer honestly. Well, I try to. I had Ashton on my mind. So it distracted me a little. She dismisses me and I walk out of the nurse office and I go to find the boys. I look out a window and see Michael, luke, Calum and Ashton sitting at a table. I walk out towards them. Michael is the first one to notice me and runs towards me and hugs me tightly. I'm guessing Ashton told them what happened.

"Jess! Why didn't you tell me?" He asks with a worried face. A tear appears, and another one. "I don't know," I say looking at the ground. "I can't believe you've been bullied for the last 4 years." He said hugging me again. I cry on his shoulder. "I'm sorry Michael." I cry. The other boys run towards us, Calum and Luke gives me a hug. Ashton turns to me. I stare at him. He comes closer and wraps his arms around me. I felt his warm touch as he does. "I'm so glad that you are safe," he whispers. He place his hand on my head and cuddles me tighter. "I am too," I say back.

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