Falling for you

Hi, I'm Jess, I'm 17 years old. I live in Sydney with my mum and two brothers. I live as a musician. I sing and play guitar. I get bullied everyday at school. Everyone hates me... I don't have any friends. I am also single. I need someone... My brother Michael is all I have...

Jess meets a boy, aka Ashton Irwin. He's new at school. Her brother, Michael had formed a band with him, along with his mates, Luke and Calum. Ashton is very nice to Jess and they both begin to develop feelings. Will Jess literally fall for him? Go ahead and find out :)

Warning: contains abuse, swearing and sexual activities.


3. Chapter 3

I pull away. "Do you have a name?" I asked. Michael looked at me as if he was thinking. "Mmmmm," he hummed. I laughed. I lifted his index finger up into the air. "I know! How bout the can openers!!!" He yelled. I couldn't help myself but giggle. "I don't think so Michael," I said still giggling. He frowned. "Awwwww," he whined. I love my brother. Then I lit up. The boys stared at me. "Jess, did you come up with a name," Luke said smiling. "Yeah but I don't think you'll like it," i replied scratching my head. "Come on, let's hear it." They all jinx.

"How bout '5 seconds of summer?' 5sos for short," I explain. All their faces lit up with beaming smiles. "That's a great name jess!" Calum yelled. "Heh," I looked down. "That's a perfect name," I look up and I see Ashton smiling at me. "Thank you," I whispered and looked down again. He gently grabs my hand and rubs it slowly with his thumb. I looked at my hand and then at the boys, who were staying at us. I turned rose red. "Awwwweee!" Michael cheered and wraps his arm around my neck. He whispers something into my ear. "You guys would be the cutest couple, just saying," he whispers and smiles. I turned to Ashton, who was still holding my hand.

I look into his eyes and his dimples showed which gave me butterflies. "Can I tell you something?" He asked quietly enough so the boys couldn't hear it. I smile and nod and leads me at the back of the gym. He comes closer and runs his fingers through my natural brown hair. He was still holding my hand. "Sorry... No one has ever done this to me before, so I'm not that use to it," I say shyly. He smiles again. "Why wouldn't anyone want a beautiful girl like you," he say as he continues to play with my hair. I look at the ground with a huge smile on my face. "What is it that you wanted to tell me?" I asked nervously. He looks me in the eyes. "Answer this honestly ok?" He asks. "Okay," I say back.

He take a deep breath and asks me the question. "Who was that girls that hurt you this morning?" I frown and a tear begins going down my cheek. He had to remind me didn't he... "I- um." I say struggling. "What is her name?" He asks me gently. "Her name is Chelsea..." I say quietly. He nods. "If she does anything else to you, she will have me to answer to. Ok?" He says. I nod and smile. "Thank you," I say and he pulls me into a hug. We both walk back to the boys. "Jess! Where have you been" Michael runs up to me and hugs me. " just talking to Ashton" I say smiling. Luke and Calum begin making kissy noises. I roll my eyes. "No not that stuff," I say. They keep teasing me and I punched both of them in the arm. "Owww!" Luke yells. "Ouchies!" Calum says sarcastically. I laugh.

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