Falling for you

Hi, I'm Jess, I'm 17 years old. I live in Sydney with my mum and two brothers. I live as a musician. I sing and play guitar. I get bullied everyday at school. Everyone hates me... I don't have any friends. I am also single. I need someone... My brother Michael is all I have...

Jess meets a boy, aka Ashton Irwin. He's new at school. Her brother, Michael had formed a band with him, along with his mates, Luke and Calum. Ashton is very nice to Jess and they both begin to develop feelings. Will Jess literally fall for him? Go ahead and find out :)

Warning: contains abuse, swearing and sexual activities.


2. Chapter 2

I tried to push past her but she stopped me in her tracks. "Awww what's wrong?" She said as a half smile to her face. "Get out of the way," I shout at her. She frowned and grabbed my longboard and wacked me in the face with it. I tumbled towards the ground. Blood began dripping down my left eyebrow. Her friends laugh. She began kicking me in the stomach. Every kick got harder and harder Everytime. I grunt. She's stops and walks away. Tears were streaming down my cheeks and I couldn't help but cry.

I sit up with my face in my hands. Blood was everywhere, on my clothes and on the concrete... I see a shadow behind and my eyes filled with fear. I close them and brace myself. Bit nothing happens. "Are you okay?" A gentle voice calls from behind me. I slowly turned my head and see a tall boy standing in front of me. He offers me his hand and helps me up. I wipe away my tears and look at him again. "I'm fine," I whisper. He glances at my body and sees the blood stains. "No your not," he says back with worried eyes. He gently grabs my arm and leads me to the girls toilets. We both walked in and he didn't seem to care that it was the girls toilets.

He grabs my hands and gently pulls them to the sink. Turns the tap on and rubs my hands to get the blood off. I look at him. I was surprised. He was the only one that seemed to care. He smiles at me with his adorable dimples and brown/green eyes and let's go of my hand. He brushed his hair out of his face. I stand there staring at him. "I-I... Thank you so muc-h," I say. He grins and softly says "your welcome." "I'm Ashton," he says grabbing my hand and kissing it gently. I blushed a bright red. "I-I'm Je-ss," I say back smiling. "What a beautiful name," he says staring into my eyes. "Heh, thank you," I say looking down.

"I've never seen you before, are you new here?" I asked him. He smirks. "What a smart girl," he says. "Can you show me around?" I look up and smile. "Sure," I say excitedly. We walk out of the toilets and he hands me his time table. I look. "First you have maths with me," I say smiling. He walk towards the maths room and meet with Mrs Chin. We sat next to each other and talked the whole lesson. The bell rings and stroll out of class , went outside and sat under a big tree.

I see my brother with his friends and they all race towards me. "Jessss!!!" He yells and gives me a massive hug. "Hey big bro!" I say smiling. Ashton looked at me wide eyed. "Michaels your brother?" He asks. "Yes," I say back. "I see you've met my mate Ashton already! That's a great start," michael says. "I've got news for you Jess!" He screams. "What's that?" I ask. Luke and Calum came over just In time. "Us four boys are forming a band!!!" He yells with excitement. "That's great news!" I squeal hugging Michael again.

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