Falling for you

Hi, I'm Jess, I'm 17 years old. I live in Sydney with my mum and two brothers. I live as a musician. I sing and play guitar. I get bullied everyday at school. Everyone hates me... I don't have any friends. I am also single. I need someone... My brother Michael is all I have...

Jess meets a boy, aka Ashton Irwin. He's new at school. Her brother, Michael had formed a band with him, along with his mates, Luke and Calum. Ashton is very nice to Jess and they both begin to develop feelings. Will Jess literally fall for him? Go ahead and find out :)

Warning: contains abuse, swearing and sexual activities.


1. Chapter 1


I wake up and looked at the time. 7:30am. I had to get ready for school. "I haaaateee schooooll," I groaned. Especially on Monday morning. The door burst open and there stood my brother, Michael. "Wake up little sis!" He said encouragely. I groan and pull my covers over my head. He jumps onto me, putting all of his weight onto me. "Jesssssss" he whined. I smile and laugh. "Okay Michael okay" I whine back. He jumps up and walks out. "I love you jess!" He calls. I smile again. "I love you too big bro!" I call back.

I love my big brother. He's always there for me. Even if he is a pain in the ass sometimes but I still love him for it.

I hop out of bed to take a shower. Most refreshing part of the day. I stand there with running water thinking about what would happen today. 'Ill proberbly get bashed again' I thought with a frown. I got out and walked to my closet with a towel wrapped around me. I pick out my favourite top that has nirvana and some blue skinny jeans. I grab my purple vans and slip them on. I fix my hair and brush my long natural curls and decide to have my hair up in a high ponytail today. I finish my hair and apply some mascara and eyeliner. I take my books and place them into my bag. I hear my mum call.

"Jess! Breakfast is ready!" She yells from the stairs. I jump. 'Man she's loud' "coming mum!" I yell back as I grabbed my bag and came tip toeing down the stairs. I meet my mum in the kitchen and she hands me a plate if my favourite breakfast. Pancakes. She make the most amazing pancakes. I quickly scoff them down and kiss my mum goodbye. Michael had already gone to school. I walk outside and grab my longboard from the shed.

I slowly skate to school, hoping the siren would go before I get there. So that I don't have to get hooked up in bitchy business. I was 5 minutes away from the school and I hear the siren go. 'Thank god...' I skate faster going through gates and alleyways and I finally arrive at the school gates. I see a group of girls at the gates. I thought they would've gone inside by now. Chelsea, the bitchy blonde glares at me and I begin to run towards the school doors. But she got there first. Fuck.....

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