Why does he have to be famous?

Two girls go to a high school and in that high school 9 new students enroll before they start a new tour. The two girls were assigned to help the 9 students who appears to be 1D and 5SOS! One of the girls named Kat has a crush on Luke Hemmings from 5sos and the other girl named Jazmine has a crush on Niall Horan from 1D. Will they be with the guys they like? or not?


2. Chapter Two

~Jazzy’s POV~

It was time for maths and Kat was still not here! I mean I don’t mind that i’m stuck with nine hot guys but I don’t wanna look like i’m using them to look cool. Right before the last bell rang Kat came in with a big folder and smiled at me. She started to walk over to me but then Luke called her.
“Kat sit over here with me!”
She looked over at at me and gave me a signal for what she should do. I indicated to her to sit next to him. She gave me the most idiotic grin and done a heart symbol to her chest. Of course I laughed, I mean she’s just so smart yet she does lots of funny things. I snapped out of my thoughts when I realised that Niall came and sat next to me.
“Can I sit here?”
“Yeah sure you can!”
“So is this teacher nice or super strict?”
“He’s more uptight then the headmasters hair bun”
He laughed so loud that the teacher turned around.
“Do my lessons amuse you Mr. Horan?”
“Actually no, just Jazzy telling me a little joke”
“Would you like to share it with the class then if it’s so hilarious to disrupt my class?”
I looked at him with a ‘what the hell look’.
“Wow, you must be a chicken farmer”
“Because you are really good at raising cocks!”
The whole class was laughing then when me and Niall looked at each other, I said to him,
“Me roosta.”
“Good one Jaz”
“I know right??”
I look over at Luke and Kat and they seemed to be hitting it off really well.
“I’m confused about something..”
“Whats that Niall?”
“You and your friend are obviously fans but yet you’re so calm around us…For once there are fans that don’t really care about us being famous”
“Haha yeah. Oh yeah!”
“How did you guys know Kat without actually meeting her?”
“Oh that? Well do you know her dad’s name?”
“Yeah. Richard Jones..”
“Well he’s our manager and well he told us everything about her and even showed pictures of her that her mother sent. There was some with you in it and well I asked Richard who the other girl is and he told me that her name was Jazzy Sanders.”
“…No words…”
“Please don’t tell Kat. If you don’t then I’ll tell you a little secret.”
“I won’t and go on then!”
“I think that Harry might have a little crush on Kat but not a massive one.”
“What makes you think that?”
“He kept asking about her while we were with Richard.”
“Well she already likes someone. Plus it could mean anything.”
“True and I know it’s Luke.”

I smiled at him and he smiled back. My god he looks gorgeous…

~Niall POV~ 

Jazzy seems cool and perfect and cute....maybe too cute.

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