Why does he have to be famous?

Two girls go to a high school and in that high school 9 new students enroll before they start a new tour. The two girls were assigned to help the 9 students who appears to be 1D and 5SOS! One of the girls named Kat has a crush on Luke Hemmings from 5sos and the other girl named Jazmine has a crush on Niall Horan from 1D. Will they be with the guys they like? or not?


1. Chapter One

~Jazmines POV~

I woke up to Kat's alarm playing 'Don't Stop' by 5sos. She loves that band so much and also the lead singer Luke Hemmings. She was still sleeping cuddling her pillow smiling. If you saw her she would look like a total creep I mean like really, you can tell she was dreaming about Luke. To snap her out of her dream I took her bed and tipped it making her fall off it.
"Good! Stop dreaming and get ready! First day of school"
"Finee! I heard there's nine new students coming like wow too many."
"Haha I guess your right but I hope some are cute."
Kat ran to the bathroom to have the first shower. Between me and her she's the talented one. She came out with her hair blown out with natural brunette hair, winged eyeliner (not too much), a "Creep" crop top with faded blue ripped jeans with black and white sneakers. The eyeliner made her ocean blue eyes pop out (in a good way). 
"Right! Let's get you made up"
She drags me into the bathroom and starts doing a makeover on me. She put my hair into a fish tail plait (my hairs black by the way), she put smokey eyeshadow on me to make my eyes more noticeable and gave me a black 'Sexy' crop top with jean shorts with my favourite dark blue vans.


After we got dressed, brushed our teeth and ate our breakfast we went to Jazzy's car and drove to school. There was a whole crowd outside the school gates. I looked at Jaz and she looked at me with the same expression. She drove past the crowd and we saw a limo and bodyguards.
"Jaz are you seeing this??"
"Yeah...I wonder what 'celebrity' is here..."
"Let's find out!!"
We get out the car and i rushed to our lockers. I looked at the time. 8:15am...
I turn but I bumped into someone falling on my butt. How embarassing! 
"Sorry! I didn't mean too bump into you!"
"-He laughs softly- It's alright, partly my fault too. So get up and don't look stupid"
I look up and my eyes meet with his gorgeous blue eyes and the lip ring on his lip made him look more sexy. OMG IT CAN'T BE! Okay Kat BE COOL.!
"I'm Luke" 
"Hey Luke! I'm Kat and this is my friend Jaz"
"So Kat this is Ashton, Calum and Micheal"

I am freaking out like so much!!
"Heyy nice to meet you guys"
The bell rings for 1st period. NO! Little longer please!
Jazzy's jaw was wide and her eye's had a sparkle in them then I realised why that was. IT WAS ONE FRICKING DIRECTION! I do love them but 5sos more only by a little. Hmm...So Niall is here? WELL! Time to do my magic.  I walk up to the boys and introduced myself to them.
"Hey guys, I'm-"
"Kat Johnson right? Your dad is our manager.", Boy with the brown curly hair known as Harry Styles.
"My name is Kat Johnson but my dad left when I was 3 years old..So I don't know him as well as I meant too."
"Oh then he must be mistaken. *chuckles nervously* Anyways do you know where the office is?" The boy said with his irish accent. I can see what Jaz see's in him. 
"Er yeah but how about i'll let my friend Jaz do that? I got to go ask my music teacher something before school starts"
Jaz grabs my arm and whispers so I can only hear, 
"I'm sooo gonna kill you and get my revenge!"
"Wouldn't killing me be the revenge?"
"Shut up!"

I laugh then start running to my music teacher. She needs to help me with some lyrics..



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