Why does he have to be famous?

Two girls go to a high school and in that high school 9 new students enroll before they start a new tour. The two girls were assigned to help the 9 students who appears to be 1D and 5SOS! One of the girls named Kat has a crush on Luke Hemmings from 5sos and the other girl named Jazmine has a crush on Niall Horan from 1D. Will they be with the guys they like? or not?


5. Chapter 3

~Niall POV~

It was lunch time and I was with the rest of the band and 5sos. I was looking around to see if I could see Jaz and Kat but I haven't seen them anywhere. I take a bite out of my sandwich and all I can feel is Luke's eyes on me. I swallowed awkwardly and looked at him.
"Nothing but maybe look down"
"Dude really? *Laughs*"
"You walked into that!"
"Kinda did actually..."
"Anyways do you know where Kat is? I wanna talk to her."
"Nah. Have you seen Jaz?"

He shakes his head. That's weird we haven't seen them since 1st Period. Where are you guys?


~Kat's POV~

Me and Jaz was walking to 2nd period after we split up with the boys then all of a sudden, the 'populars' (who got their popularity by selling their bodies) came up to me and Jaz calling us gold diggers and sluts and they said if we were ever dead the boys would forget us and just move on to better looking girls like them 'for example'. 

"You know what would look better then you? Shrek's asshole covered in shit but that would look million times better then you trust me. I know this because I don't gag at that like the way I gag at the sight of you. You're horrific.."

At the corner of my eye I could see Jaz laughing which made me wanna smirk but I had to have a serious face to be more believable.
"*Scoffs* Whatever loserrr! Like you look so old that...that... uhhhh"
"Really? Thats all you got? Wow Kat she's finally broken...You done it *claps and cheers*"
Hannah (The leader of the so called 'populars') scoffed then whipped her hair walking off pushing a girl onto the floor then she shouted at Hannah, 
"Watch it good for nothing hoe!"
"I like your tone girl!"
"*Smiles* Thanks! I'm Lea!!"
Lea had brunette hair with red and electro blue highlights in her hair (Which really suit her like no lie!!) then she had piercing brown eyes with the perfect shade of red lipstick and gloss and her clothes were so epic (well for my taste anyway).
"Omg Lea you gotta share your threads and make-up with me!! Wait wheres Jaz??"
I turn around to look around to see she's having giggle fits with Niall and curling her hair with her finger. She's such a girl I swear!
"Wanna head to music with me? You're in my class right??"
"Yeah. Lets go but what about your friend?" 
"She's with her crush so i'd leave her be or she'll kill you" 
After I said that I took a gulp of my fave drink Dr.pepper then Lea said something that really shocked me..
"You mean she likes MY BROTHER?!"
I done a massive spit take then took another gulp and done a another massive spit take.
I started to choke n the left Dr.pepper in my mouth while Lea is pounding on my back while everyones watching.
This can't get any weirder..

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