When Two Worlds Collide.

Katie is a stay at home single mom who is rather one of the quiet and protective ones,who has a wall built up around her and her kid,Harry on the other hand is a guy who flys around lady to lady,but when his collides into her car things change for the both of them..in a rather good way.


1. Intro

Hey,My names is Katie Banks I'm 22 and fresh out of college I have a daughter named Maddie she's two. I haven't talked to my family since I was pregnant with her,as for her father? He passed away in a car accident before she was born. Her and I have lived in L.A since then,at the time she was just a couple months old so dating wasn't something I wanted to do,I went to college and took care of my baby.While doing that I had built up my walls,which was extremely hard to break down,my world revolves around my daughter as she is my number one priority.

I had a choice to work as a doctor right after college but since I hated the Ideas of daycares and nanny's I decided I'd wait until Maddie is able to go to school and take care of herself in the afternoons.

Hey guys,this is only the intro meaning next time you read this it will be longer because it will be the first chapter! :) Thanks for reading!


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