When Two Worlds Collide.

Katie is a stay at home single mom who is rather one of the quiet and protective ones,who has a wall built up around her and her kid,Harry on the other hand is a guy who flys around lady to lady,but when his collides into her car things change for the both of them..in a rather good way.


3. Chapter Two

Harry's P.O.V

Katie,she was beautiful her eyes were light blue,they almost looked white and her hair was a dark long brown her hair almost reached the top of her jeans,her daughter looked exactly like her expect her eyes,Maddie's eyes were a greenish color.

I didn't know what it was about her,maybe it was the fact that she was so calm about everything? Or the fact that she didn't know who I was.Maybe it was that she had a kid,or the way she looked at me what about her smile? Or her giggle. I mean I had only met her yesterday but she was on my mind all night,boy am I glad we exchanged numbers,maybe I'll ask her on a date? But what if she works? Ehh,let's try anyway.

"Hello?" Her soft voice rang threw the phone.

"Hey,it's Harry." I said,smiling on the other side of the phone. "Oh hey,how are you?" Her voice had seemed to lighten up once I said it was me. "Good,I was just wondering if you'd like to got out on a date sometime?" I scratched my head while asking.

"Is it okay if I bring a tag along,I kinda have no choice but to?"

"Of course,Maddie can come along."

"Great,what time so Maddie and I can start getting ready?"

"Is 8 okay?" "Of course but Maddie goes to bed around 10:00 so.." "Of course,I'll get you home by 9:30." I laughed.

"Wait,you have another car already or is yours back from the shop?" Katie said sounding confused.

"I bought a new one." I laughed. "Oh,I was going to say mine isn't even back yet." She laughed.

"Oh haha." "Listen I have to go,Maddie just woke up from her nap." She said in a rush.

"Alright,see you tonight then." I said and hung up.

Not being able to keep my cool I started dancing,knowing me it wasn't good but I was happy so hey!

I got into the shower a couple hours before I had to pick up the girls,after I got out I dried my hair and put on some new clothes I had bought a few months ago for an occasion like this.

Katie's P.O.V

I smiled in joy after talking to Harry today. I went to get Maddie from her room to bathe her and get her ready because my date is her too and we have to both look good right? Right. After bathing her I dried her hair and curled it,then picked out an adorable dress and some matching sandals to go with them. After I was done with her I hopped into the shower,with her in the bathroom with a couple of toy of course.

After I got out I put on some makeup and concealer along with curling my hair and picking out a peach high-low dress with a silver sequenced belt in the middle along with some sandals from Dillard's..I said I didn't work outside the house but I do still have a job.

Harry arrived and we headed on our way,he wouldn't stop starring at me,of course they were sealed in the road but his eyes would occasionally glance when we stopped at red lights,It didn't really freak me out and made me wonder what he was thinking about,and well if you knew me I loved doing that.

All three of us walked into the restaurant and you've gotten seated and ordered our food.

"So,do you work?" Harry asked glancing at my baby. "Yeah,I work online at home I didn't want to put Madd in daycare or get a Nanny so I just decided to work from home until she's old enough to go to school and take care of her self in the afternoons." I smiled at Harry. "Oh nice,I'm a recording studio manager,I use to sing in a band until we decided that we needed to split and I decided to start a record business shortly after." "That's awesome Harry." I smiled in joy."I went to college to me a doctor so once Madd is in school I'll go work but until then I'm working from home." "Wow,I don't think I'd ever be able to do that,I'm scared of needles." Harry said with a slight giggle. "Believe it or not I'm the same way." "Really?" He asked tipping his head to the right. "Really." I laughed,so did he.

"So if you don't mind me asking what happened to Maddie's father?" He asked,I looked up faster chocking on my food. "He passed away before she was born,we met in highschool and dated until my first year of college." I said starting at Maddie. "I'm sorry love..." " What about your family?" "When I got pregnant my parents kicked me out so I said they weren't aloud to see my kid and they'd never see me again,they had put me "In shame." And I kept my promise,we moved here with her dad and that the last time I talked to them..it was before she was born,I don't even talk to my own sister." Harry widened his eyes."I'm so sorry." "Don't worry they told me that I didn't need a kid and that if I wanted to stay is have to give her up,so I moved." I smiled looking at my daughter,who was now playing with her food.

Harry's P.O.V

She looked absolutely beautiful,her hair,her eyes,her everything she was just simply amazing..and for a guy who has been on many dates to say that is really surprising..I just want to kiss her already but I don't want to ruin it for us..

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