When Two Worlds Collide.

Katie is a stay at home single mom who is rather one of the quiet and protective ones,who has a wall built up around her and her kid,Harry on the other hand is a guy who flys around lady to lady,but when his collides into her car things change for the both of them..in a rather good way.


2. Chapter One

Katie's P.O.V

I picked up Maddie from her crib and started dressing her up for the day,I put her dark brown hair into a messy bun,she always looked adorable in a messy bun.I picked out an adorable polka dot shirt I had bought from BuyBuy Baby store,along with some little capris,sandals and a light from her closet.

Once I was done with her I brought her into my room and gave her some toys to play with while I got dressed,I curled my hair out some makeup on and then went to my closet,that's when I got my black skinny jeans and a Lion King sweat shirt out that I had bought from Hot Topic along with my silver sandals.

When finished Maddie and I headed out the door,on our way to the mall."Talk Dirty." Came on,her and I started jamming out she'd always dance in her car seat to that song,she reminded me of her dad,he was bright,intelligent and funny,boy did I love him and boy was he happy when I was pregnant with her. I looked back at her when we stopped at the stop light,smiling until a car continued to drive while we were stopped.

The car had ran into the back of mine,resulting in Maddie freaking out.I had gotten out to see if the other people were okay,but first I pulled Maddie out. The guy was worried about the both of us.

"I'm so sorry,I didn't mean to."He said over and over again continuously.

"It's fine,Maddie is fine and so am I." After I said that he smiled.

"Maddie,that's a beautiful name for a baby."He smiled,showing his cute dimples.


"Harold..Harry." He smiled pulling out his hand from his pants.

I just looked at his hand then look at him,he put it back away.

"Sorry,I'm just not use to people doing that."

"It's fine,I know your daughters name and you know mine but I don't know yours,what is it?" Harry smiled cheekily.

"Oh,sorry I'm Katie." I held my hand out,and he shook it.

"Well Katie,I'm sorry about this whole thing and I'm glad you acted nice about this,do you mind if I take you two out to eat after we get everything cleaned up?" Harry smiled at my daughter and I.

"Uhh,sure why not?" New things are always good right?

"Mommy,daddy?" Maddie asked,I smiled laughing at her.

"No,baby sorry Harry." I continued laughing,so did Harry.

"It's fine,I love kids." He smiled.


The accident had been cleaned up and we had went out to lunch,Harry and I exchanged numbers so we could talk again.

He was different something about him made me like him,maybe this would be it? Maybe he was "The One."?

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