In love with a super star

When Charity West moves to la with her sister and brother and dad she goes to a school for super stars,she's a famous cheerer and singer,she never knew her and Luke knew each when they where 5,Luke moved to a different area at the age of five,and she moved close to that area at ten,Luke is still looking for her,she's doesn't know that,when like sees her now he falls in live with her,again,and she falls in love with him.

Leave comments down bellow if your want to use this story,and I need a best friend for charity,girlfriend for Calum,Micheal,and Ashton

I need name,age,eye color,hair color,hobbies,sports,and if you want a acnnet



Charity's POV:

I woke up and showered letting the warm water go down my back,and I put on my jumper that was shorts and a tank top that was falor and a aqua bottom down shirt that was like a tank top and then my aqua saddles and then did my hair,all I did was twist it and then clip it back,and then I washed my face,and put on primer,aqua eyeshadow,liquid eyeliner,and mascara,and my clear sparkly lip stick,and my EOS,and put in earrings that where hanging down and on the top white studs,and got my aqua pink backpack and got my phone and lunch money and went down stairs,and into the kitchen and saw my older brother,jake,cooking me and my sister,"thanks jake but I have to go to school"I said and went out the door and drove to my new school, and parked my car and walked in I walked to the office and said"charity west"then the lady gave me my stuff,I walked to my locker and got my math book and and walked to my first class,and walked to the teacher who said"class we have a new student named charity west"she said and everybody looked at me,and one boy with blonde hair,lip preciing,and blue eyes,looked at me all big eyes,"come sit down next to Calum"she said pointing to this boy with brown hair and brown eyes,I walked next to him and sat down,"hi I'm charity west"I said sticking my hand out,"Calum hood"he said shaking my hand"wait aren't you in 5sos I love that band"I said"yup I'm in 5sos and aren't you and famous singer and cheerer"he said"yup I am"I said"well I can show you around school"he said"really thanks"I said the bell rang and me and Calum got up"ok that is Luke he's in the band same with Micheal Ashton is to but he not in school"cool I guess"I said"oh and that's my girlfriend"he said pointing to a girl with brown hair and brown eyes,if you never knew they where dating you'd think they where twins"her names Hannah"cool "I said and then she saw Calum and she walked over and kissed him"hi I'm Hannah Calum's girlfriend"she said sticking her hand out"I'm charity"I said shacking her hand,school was fain ally over and Calum was driving me home cause jake was at his girlfriends house,"thanks"I said when we stopped in front of my house"no pro"he said "bye"bye"we said at the same time,he drove off and I walked in the house kissing my dad on the cheek and closeting the door behind me,my dog cupcake,she's a pumksy(husky mixed with parumian),came running up and licked my foot,I walked up stairs with cupcake on my trail,I walked in my room and I got on a pair of dark blue tights and a dark blue crop top,I put my hair in a bun,and went down stairs and yelled"I'm taking cupcake for a walk"dad came walking in and said"go get jakes varsity jacket it cold out now"I walked to jakes room and grabbed it off his bed and put it on,and put on my dark blue converse,and grabbed the leash,and walked outside with cupcake and saw Calum sitting in the yard across the street,a boy with red her pointed at me,and Calum turned around and saw me,he jumped up and ran over to me and said"hey like the look"thanks I think"I said and he said "that your dog"ya she's a pumksy named cupcake"I said

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