Lost Girl.

I walk through the halls of school feeling lost. I know this is it. new school. No friends. Nothing. This is the feeling of being alone. Back in my old school I had all these friends surrounding me. Now.. Look at mes I'm a total outcast. I sit down at a table. These girls look over at me and then laugh. Some boy comes up to me. "Hi I'm Jason." I turn and smile but just as I do he smashes a milk carton on my head. "Slut." He walks off with his friends laughing. I sigh turning back around pulling out my headphones. This is going to be the worst year of my life.


18. too long

*Michaels POV*

"Annabelly?" I see her walk into the house in tears. "How do i do it Michael?" I go up to her. "How... I like Ashton a lot.. I mean a lot but I... I think I.. I love Calum. I know 'think' but its hard I'm so confused I don't know what to do.." I pull Annabelle into my chest holding her as she sobs. "Annabelle they're missing out.. Ashton should let you chose instead of doing what he did but.. honestly Annabelle how can you blame him flr being pissed? He found out you're inlove with someone else. How would you feel?" She looks away from me and the sobs come again but harder. "I didn't mean to do this.. I shouldn't have done this."

*Lukes POV*

I smile walking into Annabelles house. "Hey love how are-" I look at Michael who has a passed out Annabelle laying on him. "Listen before you can say anything I know you hate me but we both love Annabelle and we need to help her. Shes confused but I know if she sees Calum she will be able know the truth it will help her we need to help get her at the hospital." I stare at Michael letting everything sink in. I shake my bead. "Get out." He gives me this weird look. "Get out of her house." Michael stands "Luke are you fucking seriously-" I get closer to michael. "I said get the fuck out of her house." He comes closer this time getting in my face. "Make me." he shoves me. I regain my balance. "Thats not even what I fucking meant you prick head I mean get out of her house so she doesn't know whats going on." Michael stares at me and I sigh. "I do love her you're right. Now go. I'll get her up." Michael nods. "Text me when you get to the hospital."

*Michaels POV*

I can't believe Luke is helping me. The Luke Hemmings... he hates me.. he hates Calum... Hes a total dick but hes helping. I know its not for me but I'm grateful. I get to the hospital and walk in. I have a huge smile on my face. I know this is going to work. I walk by the waiting room heading towards the stairs. "Hey Joy" I keep walking towards the stairs then stop abruptly. My eyes widen and I turn around. "Joy?..." She looks up at me. "Calum." She smiles weakly. "What.. What are you doing back so early?" She looks away out the window. "It got cancelled.. Well I cancelled it.. Well frankly Michael I don't trust you with that girl.." I shake my head "Wow..." She looks back at me. "You're a nice boy Michael sure but... how do I know you're not just going to sneak her in here?" I pull my phone out. "Sorry its my mom." I turn away. "I'm uh. I'm gonna go." I start to walk out just as Luke and Annabelle go to walk in. "Turn around go go go I was just going to text you Joy doesn't trust me." I push them the other way. "Faster."

*Annabelles POV*

"No." I stop dead. Michael pushes me. "Annabelle Joys in there." I turn around. "Michael I have to see him." I start to walk away from Michael when he grabs me back. "Annabelle I don't want you getting hurt." I close my eyes. "Oh so I was right. I couldn't trust you." My eyes open when I hear her voice. My head snaps over towards her. "All of you aren't worth it. I don't want you seeing-" I can't take it anymore I step forward and slap her. She looks stunned. Anger filling her eyes. "Listen you fucking bitch. I care for Calum and I would never do this to him. I may be confused now but I know my feelings are strong so don't start with me. I'm going to go in there and I am going to see him. I'm going to tell him how I feel I'm going to apologize for falling asleep and not being there for him." I go to walk around her but she steps in front of me again. "You WILL not see him you WILL NOT talk to him. Don't even THINK about looking at him. I will have the cops called if you step one foot into his room. You are not allowed. None of you."

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