Lost Girl.

I walk through the halls of school feeling lost. I know this is it. new school. No friends. Nothing. This is the feeling of being alone. Back in my old school I had all these friends surrounding me. Now.. Look at mes I'm a total outcast. I sit down at a table. These girls look over at me and then laugh. Some boy comes up to me. "Hi I'm Jason." I turn and smile but just as I do he smashes a milk carton on my head. "Slut." He walks off with his friends laughing. I sigh turning back around pulling out my headphones. This is going to be the worst year of my life.


13. The Balcony

*Calums POV*

"SERIOUSLY ANNABELLE!" I walk over to the car kicking the wheel. "FUCK!" I sigh walking back home. "Mum?" No answer I sigh. Seeing a note. "Sorry about earlier. I hope Annabelle and you are better I got called in for work." I roll my eyes sitting down. I wish I had a way into her house... Wait her balcony. I walk outside looking up at the balcony door. I groan. "Seriously..." I start to climb. When I finally get up after falling and having to start again and I hurt my shoulder again.. I finally get to the door. I close my eyes crossing my fingers. "Please be unlocked." I put my hand on the nob turning it. I smirk pushing the door open. "Yess." When I get in I lock the door running down the stairs to the kitchen. I open the icebox and then look in the freezer. I finally decide to make some homemade pizza. I get all of the stuff ready then I get some stuff for desert. As I wait for the dough to cook I flip threw the chanels on the tv. I sigh taking my phone out. "I'm sorry Annabelle. Please.. Let me make it up to you. Text number 86. Hour 7 without you." I sigh. "I'm a loser for putting the texts and hours but.. It means a lot.. text number 87."

*Annabelles POV*

"I'm sorry Ashton." He smiles weakly. "Don't worry about it.." I grab his hand. "We can be friends." He smiles big. "Okay." I smile back. We give each other our numbers. "I have to go now. Bruce... I mean my dad... Will be expecting a call." He smiles. "Why did you call you dad Bruce?" I look down. "Uh.. He's not really my dad... He's..." I sigh. "They adopted me when my grandpa died." He rubs my arm. "I'm sorry about your grandpa." I smile sniffling. "Thanks Ash." I pull into the garage no Calum anywhere. I shut the door then walk through the garage door into the kitchen I close and lock the door. I smell something.. Pizza? I come around the corner to see a pizza laying on the table. I look around. "Bruce? Julie?" Nothing. Then I hear a groan. "Calum." I whisper. I walk over to the couch seeing Calum passed out. I shake him. "HOW THE FUCK DID YOU GET IN MY HOUSE?!?!" He jumps to his feet. "shit. You scared me." He says groggily. I don't say anything just glare at him. "The balcony. I made you food. I made desert to." I roll my eyes walking back into the kitchen. "I'm sorry babe." Was wrote across a cupcake. I roll my eyes again. "Chessy now leave." He sighs. "Annabelle... Please..." I shake my head. "Luke and I have a time planned for me to get pregnant in 25 minutes so leave I want to get ready." He groans. "GET OVER IT OH MY GOD YOU'RE ANNOYING!" I close my eyes. "Leave." He ignores me sitting down. "I'm calling Bruce I don't even care." I walk up the stairs dialing the number. I put the phone to my ear walking into my room. "Annie?" I sigh. "Hey Bruce I-" Calum grabs the phone out of my hand. "STOP!" He's already hung it up though. "Seriously? Get out of my house!" He wraps his arms around me. "Annabelle. Just let me." I fight. "Get the fuck off me Hood!" There's a knock on the door. I get away from Calum running downstairs. "Hey. I was-" He stops. "Oh. You live here." I nod. "Yeah." Calum comes up behind me. "What do you want?" He spits at Ashton. "Ignore him." He nods. "I just came to ask if you had seen a dog. Its a Lab." I shake my head. "I'll text you if I see it though." He smiles. "You have his number." Calum snorts. I elbow him. "Again ignore him."

*Calums POV*

Annabelle elbows making me gasp. "Fuck." I walk away catching my breath. I try to listen to Annabelles conversation but she starts to talk low. Ashton nods walking away. "Get the fuck out of my house! BYE ASHTON!" She screams. "No. Not until you fucking talk to me." she rolls her eyes. "I am get out." I walk back over to her. "You already have a fucking new boyfriend. So whatever I guess. Bye. We're over Annbelle. For good now." I walk out of her house. "Fuck you Annabelle. I'm done this time." I turn walking to my house. I walk in slamming my body against the wall and sliding down it. "What the fuck did I just do?" I put my head in my hands. "You ruined your relationship is what you did." I jerk looking up. "Ow fuck" I grab the back of my head where I hit it on the wall. "What are you doing here?" Michael smiles. "I came over to see you and Annabelly but I heard you guys fighting so I came over here your mon let me in. She left again though. I like how she lets anybody into your house."

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