Lost Girl.

I walk through the halls of school feeling lost. I know this is it. new school. No friends. Nothing. This is the feeling of being alone. Back in my old school I had all these friends surrounding me. Now.. Look at mes I'm a total outcast. I sit down at a table. These girls look over at me and then laugh. Some boy comes up to me. "Hi I'm Jason." I turn and smile but just as I do he smashes a milk carton on my head. "Slut." He walks off with his friends laughing. I sigh turning back around pulling out my headphones. This is going to be the worst year of my life.


7. Give In

*Annabelles POV*

I walk out of school heading straight for Calums car. I don't know why but I do. "Hey!" Luke comes up beside me stopping me. I smile. "Hey Luke." He smiles back. "Listen. It's obvious. I don't think you should be friends with him though. I know that sounds stupid. I just don't think you should be." I roll my eyes. "Luke. What obvious?" He rolls his eyes. "You like him idiot." My eyes widen. "I do not!" I turn bumping into some boy. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry." He smiles at me as I bend down and start picking his stuff up. "Its okay." I smile back handing them to him. "I'm Michael. You're the new chick." I roll my eyes but smile. "Yeah. I'm Annabelle." He smiles really big this time. It's cute. "Annabelly. You're American I see. Thats cute." My cheeks heat and I don't know why. I hear Luke scoff. I turn and glare at him. "Sorry. He's a dick." Michael looks at Luke. "Trust me. I know."

*Lukes POV*

"I WOULD RATHER YOU TALK TO CALUM THAN HIM!" Annabelle rolls her eyes at me. "Too late. He's going to be my bestfriend. Then we're going to get married and have six kids. How does that make you feel huh?" I hear laughing and I turn to see Calum. "I'd rather have two kids. Twins if you will. One girl one boy." I roll my eyes. She glares at him. "Stay out of it." He walks closer. "I'll take it from here." I scoff. "Annabelle are we going or what?" She looks at me then at Calum. "I think Julie wants me home. So.. I'm going to walk." I feel disappointed but try not to show it. "Okay. I'll text you.." she nods then walks off. "Sucks to be you." Calum winks at me then gets in his car. "ATLEAST SHE FUCKING LIKES ME!" I see anger flash across his face then he flips me off. Speeding away.

*Calums POV*

I get to my house but instead of going in I go to next door. I knock on the door. "Oh. Hello Calum." I smile at Julie. "Hi. Is it okay if I wait for Annabelle? Can I make it a suprise too I got her a gift." She smiles nodding. "Yes her room is the 2nd room on the left upstairs." I smile walking up. When I open the door to her room. I'm shocked I didn't expect her room to be like this. Band posters all over the walls. Paintings and lyrics wrote across her walls. I walk up yo to one of them putting my hand on it. Its the beach. I wipe my hand across it. She's amazing. I go to the other one putting my hand over it. It looks like. Me.." I shake my head no way. "CAN I FUCKING HELP YOU?!?" I turn around quickly. "Oh?" She comes over to me. "GET OUT!" I raise my hands up in defeat. "Sorry." I take a step tripping over something I accidentally fall on her.

I put my hands under her head so she don't get hurt. Our faces are so close we're staring in each others eyes I edge closer. And them. "Um.." She coughs awkwardly. "Hmmm." I get up pulling her up with me. Our bodys are pressed up against each other I'm looking into her eyes. My lips are about to brush against hers when she stops me. "I-I... I can." I pull away rubbing the back of my neck. "Yeah sorry. I forgot I wasn't Luke again." She shakes her head. "No. I promised not to have a relationship.. Its.. Its.. It has nothing to with you.. Calum.. Don't." I roll my eyes. "Okay. Whatever." She looks at me with sad eyes. "It's getting hard... I really do like you.." I shake my head. "Don't do that." She looks down. "No don't do that. Don't fucking say that. Don't you dare." She looks back up at me tears brimming. I close the gap between us. "If its getting hard them just give in."

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