Lost Girl.

I walk through the halls of school feeling lost. I know this is it. new school. No friends. Nothing. This is the feeling of being alone. Back in my old school I had all these friends surrounding me. Now.. Look at mes I'm a total outcast. I sit down at a table. These girls look over at me and then laugh. Some boy comes up to me. "Hi I'm Jason." I turn and smile but just as I do he smashes a milk carton on my head. "Slut." He walks off with his friends laughing. I sigh turning back around pulling out my headphones. This is going to be the worst year of my life.


9. Get Her

*Annabelles POV*

"Luke come on. Seriously!! Don't be a dick!" I stand between Calum and Luke. Goddamn does Calums chest feel good. "I'M NOT CHOOSING! IF YOU TRY TO MAKE ME I'LL CHOOSE NEITHER!" Calum turns away from me. "I'll make this easy on you then. Bye Annabelle." I watch him leave. Tears brimming in my eyes. I turn to Luke and shove him. "FUCK YOU LUKE HEMMINGS! FUCK YOU!" I take off running the tears falling now. *Flashback* Calum and I walk out of the school holding hands. "Finally the weekend." I put my head on his arm. "What are we doing tonight?" Luke walks up beside me. "Um. Hi." I smile at Luke "Hey." He returns the smile. "So are you coming by my place tonight like we planned?" My eyes widen. "Oh shit. I forgot. Yeah is it okay if Calum comes?" Luke is hesitant but then says. "You know what. Nevermind. We can do it some other time." Then Calum starts in. "No. You can do it tonight. Why can't I come you trying to fuck with my girl?!" Luke turns back around. "YOUR GIRL!" Luke starts laughing. "PLEASE! SHE DOESN'T EVEN FUCKING LIKE YOU!" Luke starts to get even more pissed. Calum takes a swing missing Luke barely. They start to fight I step inbetween them. "GET OFF ME! DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME!" I put my hand on Calums chest. "Stop." I whisper. Then Luke tries to come around me so I put my hand on him. "NO ANNABELLE WHO IS IT GOING TO BE?!?! ME OR HIM?!?" I look at Luke shocked. "Don't do that to me Lucas." He stares at me. "I'M NOT CHOOSING! IF YOU TRY TO MAKE ME I'LL CHOOSE NEITHER!"

"Annabelle wait!" I know that voice. I stop and turn around. "Michael..." He runs up to me. "are you okay?" I look down. "No. Actually. I just lost my only friend and possibly only boy that will ever like me here." He does something I'm totally not expecting. He pulls me into a hug. "Annabelle you have me. I promise. Even if we don't talk. Do you want to come with me?" I nod against his chest. He wraps his arm around me pulling me back to his car. "Come on. Do you want to go home?" I shake my head. "How about we go to my house?" I nod. "Wait." We've been driving for a while. "Will.. will your parents get mad?" He smiles. "No." I nod.

*Calums POV*

I get home and throw everything off my desk. I take the picture Annabelle drew for me and tear it to pieces. "Why did I get with a slut!" I throw rip a poster off the wall tearing it up because its her favorite band. "Calum.." I turn around. "What?" I stare at my mom. "Calum stop.." I look down. "I said what." She comes up to me. "I just want to check on you.. Whats going on?" I stare at her. "I shouldn't get with girl that just move in and have no one." My mom smirks. "Did you just have your first heartbreak?" I push past my mom. "I'm going out don't wait up." She doesn't try to stop me but I hear her say. "Just go talk to her." I get down the driveway looking up at her window. Nothing. I pull my phone out 20 texts. "1. I was wrong Calum. 2. I know I shouldn't have started this. 3. This is why I didn't want a relationship. 4.that doesn't mean I'm going to choose. 5. Calum you're important to me.. But.. I don't know anymore.. I can't even have friends.. Why do you think I swore of relationships?" I ignore the rest starting my own message. "Where are you?" No answer. "Annabelle. Please. I promise I just need to talk." No answer. I sigh walking over next door. "Is Annabelle here?" Her mum shakes her head. "No and I wasn't supposed to tell you where she was. You hurt her Calum. I don't what you did but you hurt her.. She already has a hard enough time opening." I look down. "I just want to talk to her.. I'll make this better Julie." She wraps me in a hug. "I know she hurt you too Calum. Please. Please make this right." I sigh. "I'll try." Just as I'm about to pull away I hear gigggling and screaming. Her mom stares off. "Annabelle?" Annabelle comes stumbling up with that weird Michael kid on her side. "Oh hey Julie. Dick." Julie takes a step back. "Don't Annabelle..." She rolls her eyes grabbing Michaels arm and pulling him inside. I follow behind. "I have to go to the bathroom kick him out." As soon as she leaves Michael turns to me. "Dude you gotta get her back."

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