My Crazy Ex Boyfriend

Jessica Johnson has finally been noticed by her crush but will her past come back to haunt her? This is not a One direction or boy band fan fiction. Unlike my other ones.


5. we swear on the team

I walk in the front gates and look behind me for serria but she's not there I assumed she found someone she knew so I kept walking.

Through the gates to Troy and Mallory high schools. The fiercest of rivals. Josh was up to bat.

Jessica:" woo go josh!!"

He shook his head and smiled. He had a really nice smile all the way from his sparkling white teeth to his dimpled cheeks.

The pitcher threw. THWACK! The ball flew through the air out over the field. He was off like lightning. over the loud speakers" HOMERUN!" The crowd cheered, whistled, clapped, and yelled. It was great.

I turned around and thats when I saw serria with another boy on the other side of the field. I know how she flirts with the twist of her hair and her laughs and she was trying way to hard. Does she even know who he is? But who am I to judge her?


"Haha your so funny Damien haha "

"Really? You think so? "

"I do ."

"I've never been told I was funny."

"Oh we'll I think so." I said with a huge smile plastered on my face, Twirling my hair, giggling like a maniac.

" I know we just met but I feel like we should hangout more often."

"Yeah I'd like that."


Josh:"Hey are you okay Jess?" He calls from the dug out.

Jess:" yeah I'm fine sorry."

Josh:"it's fine. Can you come here for a minute I want you to meet my friends slash tram."

Jessica:"yeah sure thing."

I had a crush in the star pitcher who probably never noticed me that way or even thought of me as anything more than a friend.

Josh:" Jesse hurry up!" He calls

Jessica:" hold on don't rush me geez!"

I rush over to the fence that separates us. I know he thinks he's slick trying to check me out but our eyes collided at the end. When our eyes met,

Jessica:" so who are these people?"

Josh:" oh right sorry haha."

Jessica:"it's fine." I smiled. I felt proud at that moment.

Josh turned a little red.

Josh:" okay we'll um this is Luke, Bryan, Jeremy, Archie, Henry, Sam, Dean, and Caleb."

Jessica:" hi"

Luke:" there's no need to introduce yourself we all already know who you are."

I got this weird feeling at this moment. I looked puzzled.

Dean:" josh never shuts up about you."

Bryan:" yeah your kinda famous."

Sam:" haha don't let them bother you they kid like this all the time right squirrel?"

Dean:" not really but yeah sure thing moose."

Jessica:" oh cool you guys have nicknames for eachother."

Archie:" oh look caps turning red over there."

Jeremy:" haha that's funny."

Caleb:" I don't find any of this amusing."

Jessica:" we'll are you a party crasher."

Caleb:" I really am." He smiled

Josh:" oh shut up you guys."

Jessica:" we'll try do have a point you are as red as a tomato."

He looks don't defeated.

Jessica:" so you talk about me to your friends all the time huh?"

Josh:" who said these people are my friends?"


Jessica:" we'll you said you wanted me to met you friends so they must be."

He just gawked at me.

Jessica:" and stop trying to change the subject."

Caleb:" I like her."

Bryan:" me too she's sassy!"

Josh:" okay so maybe I do."

Jessica:" good or bad things?"

Luke:" good things always good things."

Jessica:" how do I no your not covering for him?"

Jeremy:" we swear on the team."

Jessica:" I take that as a big thing?"

Josh:" just a little bit."

Jessica:" we'll good luck guys."

Josh:" thank you."

Jessica:" for?"

Josh:" the luck were going to need it ."

Jessica:" oh of course and they aren't that hard to play."

Josh:" oh no and why do you say that?"

Jessica:" the pitcher keeps throwing the same pitch."

Josh:" oh like you no any of that."

Jessica:" he keeps throwing a splitter."

Josh:" what don't mean?"

Jessica:" when the ball comes at you and then suddenly drops at your feet."

Luke:" we'll watch and see."

Josh:" you should come to the games more often."

Jessica:"I'll try but it's hard to chose between the games."

Josh:" what do you mean?"

Jessica:"foot ball an baseball are in the same season this year so it's hard because Kyle likes me to come to his games so when they usually don't have games then income to the baseball games."

Josh:" oh "

Jessica:" yeah..... So what did you want to talk to me about ?"

Josh:" I'll talk to you after the game."

Jessica:" okay. Hey do any of you have the time by any chance?"

Dean:" time for you to get a watch."

Jessica:" HAHA very funny."

Dean:" i know right it's a classic."

Josh:" haha"

Then I look over and see serria walking away with that guy from the other team.

Josh:" hey are you okay you seem skittle spaced out again."

Jessica:"yeah just I came here with serria and now she's leaving with some Mallory guy."

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