My Crazy Ex Boyfriend

Jessica Johnson has finally been noticed by her crush but will her past come back to haunt her? This is not a One direction or boy band fan fiction. Unlike my other ones.


2. The Start

~~So I’m waking up and getting ready for the day. I had worn my favorite red leather jacket. Which I think is semi lucky. Anyways I wore that with a pair of grey ripped skinny jeans, a black tank top, and a blue t-shirt. My shoes were a pair of black combat boots. For my make-up I wore pink lip stick, and a smoky eye shadow. I don’t wear cover up because it just covers up pimples and creates more. Then I walked out of my house with my smoothie and go to my car. Of course I see Kyle sitting on the hood of my car like usual. Knowing Kyle he didn’t want to take the bus because it’s Friday so his mom goes to work extra early and a few weeks into the school year so he just assumes I’ll give him a ride.
Kyle: Hey Jessica; what’s up?
Jessica: Nothing just about to ask you the same thing actually?
Kyle: Well….
Jessica: What I’m trying to say is why you are on the hood of my car? Again.
Kyle: Oh yeah can I have a ride?
Jessica: No, you can’t have a ride. Why should I give you one anyways? It’s my car and I told you last time that you need to call me if you want a ride not just show up.
Kyle: You should give me a ride because I’m your best friend and you owe me.
Jessica: And what would I owe you exactly?
Kyle: I gave you food for four weeks remember?
J: No I don’t remember. When did YOU give me food?
K: I don’t know! A month ago maybe?
J: Kay I give you food remember? You goof!
K: Oh, well then because you love me?
J: Well I guess if I say no you’ll be late and get detention. Plus your mom would be mad at me and not let us hang out anymore if you got detention because of me so… get in.
K: Thanks Jessie!
J: Don’t call me Jessie!
K: Ok, Ok, sorry it’s a habit, calm down.
J: Yeah I no one I don’t like.

 We arrive at school and I get out and here comes Angel and her prebby squad of cheerleaders. Yes I said prebby I made up the word it’s a combination of prep and snob. Anyways she thinks she owns the school and can have any guy she wants or pleases. Which also means she wants to have Kyle because you know how people think that the captain of the football team and the head cheerleader should be together? Well she’s one of those people that think that and that’s also another reason why she hates me because he’s my best friend. But what she doesn’t know is that if she would be nice to me and be my friend again he would go out with her. Plus on top of it all she has the same birthday as me.
 Half way down the parking lot angel spots me and starts to walk towards me as usual just to start a problem.
Angel= A Jessica= J Rebbecca= R Sierra= S
A: Oh look Rebbecca, it’s a loser thank god we aren’t or that’s what we would look like if we were at the bottom. (As she scans my clothes up and down)
R: Well that’s not what I want to look like. I don’t want to be a loser!
J: Well angel you would know you were my best friend at one point so you were there and you know what it feels like.
A: I was and never will be there; I’ve always been at the top and will remain there. I will never be and or was never your friend. You’re just a poor girl who hangs out with losers and is a loser! Sorry to disappoint you.
S: Oh so she hangs out with losers? Well then I might as well tell Kyle you think he’s a loser. You know Kyle right? You know the quarterback of the football team? The same Kyle you have a thing for.
J: And if you were never my best friend then how about our birthday party four years ago? You remember that right? Because that’s the first time you meet Kyle and you took pictures. Plus you might think you disappointed me but all you did was made me stronger in the long run so I’m sorry to disappoint you!
A: Huh, well I guess we should go Rebbecca, although I had so much fun with are chat. Have you ever thought of trying for a cheerleader?
J: I’d never be a cheerleader!
R: Well think about it you have the perfect meanness
S: She’ll think it over.
A: I’m only asking because their only two of us in are three musketeers group and we need a third in our group.
R: Bye
 To me I thought it was a little crazy that Angel of all people would ask me that? But I started to finally think things were starting to look up and people were starting to realize my true potential.
 Everyone just walked away to their last period class Mrs. Jones. She’s my math teacher and the most boring. So imagine having a tall, really thin, blonde straight haired, lady in her mid-sixties, with glasses and wears a super long skirt, a long sleeved shirt, and long sleeved cover up in grey, black, or white. To me she seemed like a lady from abnegation in divergent. But she talked very bland and never put an emphasis on anything. So as she was trying to teach us she put half of us to sleep because nothing was fun and it was really boring. Plus since it was our last class of the day on a Friday you would think people would be happy to get out her class. Not in this case. She always gave homework on a Friday just to see who would actually do it and there where only a very selected few that did their homework. If you’d look around you’d see nothing on the walls and the shades were always closed. So the lights were always on beaming in your face making you hot and sweaty because there was no air conditioning. She always had cried how cold she was so the office shut off the cool air in her room.
 The entire time every Friday I would always just stare at the clock and watch each and every minute pass by waiting for the bell to ring. Finally I had just fallen asleep until someone bumped me on the shoulder with their leg accidentally indicating the bell had rang and we were all free to go home or do whatever. I gathered all my things from the desk I sit in and ran to my locker before the rush began. The rush is what Kyle, Sierra and I call when everyone tries getting out of the high school at the same time and when people do if you are still at you locker you get trampled. Once I knew a girl when I was a freshman her name was Justice. She didn’t make it to her locker before the rush and she got trampled and had been taken to the hospital because she had a broken wrist and a concussion from the rush. Not the best day because then her mom had blamed me for not helping her and I wasn’t allowed to talk to her or anything. Plus her mom was the principle and made sure we had no classes together and all of that.
 So I ran to my car as people started to run down the hallway. I had made it to my car with no scratches or anything. But I’m not sure my car has no scratches because Kyle keeps sitting on the hood of her. Yes I did just say my car is a girl. But anyways I see Kyle sitting on my car hood and of course all of his friends on hand. I reach my car and see Josh, Jacob, Chance, Oliver, Noel, Toby, Jack, and of course Kyle.
J=Jessica Jo= Josh K= Kyle
J: So Kyle what are you doing on my car?
K: Nothing really just talking to the boys.
 That’s when I saw josh just staring at me and I’m guessing Kyle saw it too because he walks up to me and hugs me and says, “Play along I want to mess with him and see his reaction.”
K: So Josh I see you like my girlfriend?
Jo: Who’s your girlfriend?
J: I am.
 His smile drops for a second and just stares like I will get you for this. He looked angry and then just smiled and said
Jo: Well looks like your girlfriend is pretty hot! Have any friends for me Jessie?
J: Well for one I can’t believe you called me hot! I don’t have many friends. And I have a confession to tell you!
Jo: Okay?
J: Well obviously I’m not dating Kyle and I never would. No offense Kyle.
K: Well we will talk about that once we talk in the car for now I will leave my boys and leave you and Josh here to it.
Jo: I….I was kidding.
K: Sure you were my butt you were. Josh, man you gotta tell her.
J: Tell me what????
K: You have no choice trust me man just tell her it will be your best interest.
 Then I saw Kyle looking at angel and ran into the car. He doesn’t like her and knowing her she wanted something from either josh or Kyle or to torture me some more because I know that she knows that I like Josh and I’m pretty sure she’d do everything in her power to keep us apart.
A= Angel J= Jessica Jo= Josh
Jo: I….I…
A: Hey Josh come here I need to talk to you about something.
Jo: Okay just give me a minute angel! He yelled back at her
Jo: okay well I’ll talk to you later then?
J: Okay yeah you have my number right?
Jo: Yeah I do I think if I don’t I’ll just get it off of Kyle.
A: JOSH!!!NOW!!!
Jo: OK ANGEL!! God she’s a pain.
J: Yeah I know you better go before she explodes and her hair and makeup gets all messed up.
Jo: “Chuckles” Well aren’t you funny anyways okay bye.
 He jogs away
J: Bye
 I get into my car and just sit there and think about what just happened.
 Wow did he just call me hot?? Why would he say that? I’m not but did he mean that?? Does he think that about me? Does he like me?
A million questions swarmed my head. Until Kyle interrupted my thoughts.
K=Kyle J=Jessica
K: Are you okay there Juliet?
J: I’m fine. Why Juliet?
 As I started to drive onto the highway towards our homes.
K: Because I can see you swooning and you won’t let me call you Jessie so I thought I could call you Juliet and you could call me Romeo??
J: I’d rather you call me Jessie than Juliet.
K: Okay. Hey so why is it you won’t date me?
J: Cuz I don’t like you that way and because your my best friend. If I lost you I don’t know what I would do with myself.
K: Jessie that’s so sweet!
J:Kay I try my hardest.
K: Haha so did Josh tell you?
J: No he didn’t. He said he’d tell me tonight because Angel had freaked out when she saw just me and him outside my car.
K: I swear I don’t like her and if she screws this up just because…
 I had cut him off.
J: Screws what up?
K: Nothing.
J: Kyle tell me
K: No I can’t I took an oath.
J: Sure you did.
K: Well actually I swore on my life and I don’t want to take any chances.
J: Fine I see how it is you won’t tell me then I won’t tell you what happened to me today with angel.
K: Honestly, I don’t want to know unless it involves you kicking her butt
J: No I wouldn’t do that unless she really ticked me off.
K: Okay.
 We turn the corner onto our street.
J: so are you going to the baseball game tonight?
K: I don’t know I might but I’m not sure cuz I have practice tonight but maybe afterwards if it’s not over by the time practice is over. Why?
J: I don’t know I just wanted to know if you were going because I was thinking of going with sierra because she asked me too and I wanted you to come so that way if I got ditched I would have you.
 I half lied and I felt bad but I didn’t want him to know that I wanted to go just cuz Josh is in the game.
K: Oh... Okay well I don’t know I’ll go if practice is over before the game ends.
J: OK thanks Kay
 Pulls up into Kyle’s driveway
K: Yeah okay well bye thanks for the ride home.
J: Yeah but next time just call me or something.
K: I’ll try but I make no promise.
J: Okay bye Kay.
K: Bye.

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