My Crazy Ex Boyfriend

Jessica Johnson has finally been noticed by her crush but will her past come back to haunt her? This is not a One direction or boy band fan fiction. Unlike my other ones.


1. Intro

~~My name is Jessica Johnson, I’m seventeen with long brown wavy hair (It goes to my hips), and I have green eyes. I’m also 5’5” in height. I live on my own. Now I know what you’re thinking what’s a seventeen year old girl doing living on her own? Well I’m an orphan I have no siblings or any family left. When I was younger I used to live with my mother for a while I never knew my father. Well that’s what I thought anyways. My mother used to tell me and say that my biological father was killed in war but in all truth he lived right down the hall from us. So finally at age nine my father, Robert Daylight, knew of my existence and left to another state.
 So I was told by my mother that I was staying with my grandparents for a little while. Then she left to go chase after my father. After that day I never saw her again. My grandparents died last year when I was sixteen. So I was left with no one. Anyways my life right now, well I’m not gonna lie but it’s pretty crazy and complicated. At school I’m sorta popular I guess. But I owe it to my best friend Kyle Ace. He’s Troy high schools star football player. He’s eighteen with black hair (buzz cut style) and icy blue eyes. He’s also 6’3” so he’s tall. I have a girl best friend to. She’s the one I go to when I can’t talk about things with Kyle. Her name is Sierra Hornet. She has pitch black poker straight hair and hazel eyes. She’s only 5’0” so she’s a shorty as I would put it.
 As a normal girl in high school I also have my friends/enemies. Angel Emeraldson used to be my best friend at one point in time. That was of course before she got into the popular crowd. Then she changed a lot. So as people say popularity can change people. They are right. I learned that the hard way.  
 Anyways I also have a huge crush on this guy named Josh Brawler. He’s the captain of the baseball team. He’s about 6’4”with blond hair and green eyes. Anyways enough about introductions back to my current life in 2017.

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